Pinpoint Objects With New Pointers From Teknetics And Fisher Labs

Just announced for the winter, Teknetics and Fisher Labs have released new metal detector pointers that are perfect assets to your full-sized metal detector. These pointers are the most advanced that the companies have produced to date, and they offer a lot of great features to pinpoint precious metals, jewelry and other valuables. Both models are completely waterproof in both fresh and saltwater up to 10 feet, and they’re built with abrasion resistant materials so the pointer will stand up to abuse from rocky riverbeds, shell strewn shores and sandy soil. There is an optional LED light on the device great for finding objects at low light levels or murky waters, and you can choose between three sensitivity levels to fine tune your search. The included belt holster makes these pointers a must-have whenever you’re out metal detecting.

Why Use A Pointer?

You may be wondering why a pointer used in metal detecting is important, after all you have the full sized metal detector to find objects already. Thing is locating the vicinity of where an object lies is different than actually locating the object. This becomes even more difficult when you’re scanning creek or river beds. You detector may go off, but the object is likely buried or obscured by debris. Enter a precision pointer like the F-PULSE or TEK-POINT. These devices help you scan the general area and find that elusive object. Vibrations indicate when you’re close or touching the object, and you can retrieve it from there. Adding a pointer allows you to field a complete metal detector kit.

The F-PULSE and TEK-POINT are scheduled for release this December. Keep an eye out at for these versatile new devices. More details are below:



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