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Gator Waders Camp Boots Collection: A Comprehensive Review

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Like all other things, boots are not eternal, especially if you wear the hell out of them. And when it’s time to buy new ones, we usually go with the familiar brands. I was planning to do the same and then I stopped myself and looked through the brands we sell. Gator Waders caught my attention immediately because I didn’t think they made anything but waders. I looked through their footwear supply and chose two pairs that happened to be from the same series (I guess), but had different applications. Here’s how I met Gator Waders Camp Boots and Shoes and what came of it.

gator waders boots

The Gator Waders Camp Boots Collection

The Gator Waders Camp series is a great choice if you are looking to expand your footwear collection. This range offers both shoes and boots, each carefully designed to cater to different scenarios. The camp shoes are your everyday pick – lightweight, breathable, and perfect for casual camping, laid-back outdoor activities or just everyday wear. The Camp Boots are part of Gator Waders off-road collection and they are built to endure. They provide exceptional comfort and durability, ideal for off-road and hunting escapades. But that’s all very general descriptions, so let’s take a closer look at each of the Camp series representatives, shall we?

Review of Gator Waders Camp Shoes

The first thing that catches the eye is the low-cut design of these shoes. At least that was the case for me. They take after the traditional camp shoes, which definitely gives them a certain charm. They come in different colors, there are several colorful options as well as some reserved ones. I had the pleasure to try on the Camo Mossy Oak Greenleaf, which looks surprisingly well even if you are not camouflaged. Though my favorite camo pattern is in place, the green leaves and string together with beige mesh make for a great combo that goes well with a lot of other colors. There are seven colors to choose from, in case you don’t fancy this one. 

Gator Waders Studio Camp Shoe Men's

Features Worth Noting

Now, let’s talk features. One aspect that stood out for me was the snug fit. You know that feeling when you slide your foot into a shoe and it just…fits? That’s what I experienced with these shoes. No gaps, no sliding, just a secure and comfortable fit. Which is exactly what I want for my everyday shoes.

Another aspect that caught my attention was their lightweight nature. Truth be told, there are not many reasons for these shoes not to be lightweight. However, the sturdy and relatively thick outsole could throw in some ounces. It doesn’t. Despite the sturdy construction, they feel very light. They will be a blessing when you’re on a long hike or just enjoying a leisurely walk in the woods. Or the city, they really work anywhere.

Gator Waders Camp

A Walk in My Shoes

Comfort is a big deal for me, as it is for you, I believe, and the Gator Waders Camp Shoes certainly deliver in this department. The interior lining is soft and comfortable, even though I initially tried them with socks on. I did the same with no socks on and the test walk was equally pleasant.

Gator Waders Camp Shoe

When to Wear Them

Given their design and features, these shoes are quite versatile. Their full name is Gator Waders Coastal Camp Shoes, which suggests they were designed with a focus on near-marine environments. With that I agree, this is probably where no-sock comfort comes from. But I do have a feeling they will perform equally well on a trail hike and even better on regular pavement. They are lightweight, they are breathable, and they are comfortable. There is nothing more I’d want my everyday shoes to be. Looking forward to warmer months when it will be fine to wear them with no socks. 

Value for Money

When it comes to pricing, I believe the Gator Waders Camp Shoes offer excellent value for money. They’re currently on sale, so there is no better time to get your hands on a pair. Besides, it’s not the season for this kind of boots now, so they might become more costly as the warmth approaches.

Review of Gator Waders Camp Boots

Now, let’s move to something more outdoor-oriented. After all, camp boots are supposed to be worn in camps and those are usually set in the wilderness. That imposes certain requirements on footwear since the conditions are more challenging. But for Gator Waders Camp Boots meeting those challenges will be a walk in the park. At least that’s my experience of them.

Gator Waders Camp Boot

Design: A Perfect Blend

When it comes to outdoor gear, we all know that practicality runs the show, with good looks being of secondary importance. But let me tell you, these boots strike the perfect balance. They’re robust, yet surprisingly lightweight – an absolute blessing for anyone who spends many an hour traversing the wilderness. They’re reinforced in heels and toes, but that doesn’t mean other areas are left exposed. The rubber is pretty durable, so creasing shouldn’t be a problem (I tried to bend them a couple of times to check – no creases to be found).

Gator Waders Camp Boots

Features Worth Noting

Now, let’s dive into the features that really make these boots an asset. For starters, the anti-slip and scuff outsole. It’s not hard to find a slippery surface when out in the wilderness even when it’s not raining. The outsole here boasts excellent grip, which is an absolute must for outdoor footwear. The bottom pattern promises to not let you down. I look forward to trying them out on a waterfowl hunting trip this spring. 

And then there’s the convenient pull tab. It’s a small detail, but one that makes slipping these boots on and off a breeze. It’s just nice to see footwear that is designed with users in mind.

The final and my favorite feature – these boots are 100% waterproof. And I’m not saying this groundlessly – I stood in the bathtub to confirm this myself. That’s actually the reason why I think they will be viable for waterfowl hunting – not flooded timber of course, but walking around bodies of water won’t be a problem for sure. Combined with the cozy neoprene lining, this makes for one fine pair of outdoor boots, camping or not.

There is a fly in this ointment, a small one, which is the consequence of one of its merits. The boots are not particularly breathable. They are made of rubber and don’t have any pores, so that comes as no surprise. If you’re prone to sweaty feet, do keep in mind that these boots won’t help you with that, so you might want to get dedicated socks.

Gator Waders Boot

Sizing: A Quick Heads-up

Sizing can be a bit tricky with these boots, as they don’t come in half sizes. The manufacturer recommends going for the smaller size, and in my experience, it works fine. I usually take 10.5, tried on 10 and didn’t regret it. I imagine 11 would be too roomy. 

The Perfect Occasions

Given their waterproof and durable nature, the Gator Waders Camp Boots are ideal for a range of outdoor activities. Even though they can’t boast superior breathability, they are not warm either, so that kind of balances the scales. You can wear them in heat between 70-90 degrees with sweat-absorbing socks or don warmer ones and wear them when it’s colder. Brushy areas shouldn’t be a problem either.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, the Gator Waders Camp Boots have been a true revelation. They are super functional and super lightweight at the same time, which is really everything I need from outdoor boots. If you’re looking for a reliable pair of boots to accompany you on your outdoor escapades, I wholeheartedly recommend giving these a shot. I definitely will.

CategoryGator Waders Camp ShoesGator Waders Camp Boots
DesignLow-cut design, traditional camp shoesRobust design, reinforced in heels and toes
FitSnug fit, secure and comfortableNot mentioned
WeightLightweight, standard for camp shoesSurprisingly lightweight
ComfortSoft and comfortable interior liningCozy neoprene lining
VersatilityCoast, trail hikes, camps, cityWilderness, flooded areas, slippery surfaces, city
WaterproofNot waterproof100% waterproof
BreathabilityHighly breathableNot particularly breathable due to rubber material
SizingRecommended to go for a smaller size, no half sizes available

This should give you a clear understanding of how these two products compare across various features and specifications.


I’ll be honest, I haven’t heard much about Gator Waders before I took their shoes and boots to review. But the brand is definitely a discovery. I like the way the box is arranged, the name has a nice ring to it and the products, well, I’ve been talking about them more than enough already. The test showed excellent results, I do hope both shoes and boots will continue to deliver. I’ll update the review once I have been using both for a while for a more comprehensive picture. Until then, see you and be well.

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How are Gator Waders Camp Shoes and Boots different?

The Gator Waders Camp Shoes have a low-cut design and are versatile, suitable for marine environments while the Camp Boots are more robust, 100% waterproof, and ideal for activities like waterfowl hunting.

Can the Gator Waders Camp Shoes be worn without socks?

Yes, the Gator Waders Camp Shoes offer comfort even without socks, making them suitable for near-marine environments.

Do the Gator Waders Camp Boots provide a good grip on slippery surfaces?

The Gator Waders Camp Boots have an anti-slip and scuff outsole, providing excellent grip on slippery surfaces, making them suitable for waterfowl hunting.

Are Gator Waders Camp Boots true to size?

For the Gator Waders Camp Boots, it’s recommended to go for the smaller size if you’re in between sizes as they do not come in half sizes.

What outdoor activities are the Gator Waders Camp Boots suitable for?

The Gator Waders Camp Boots are suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, waterfowl hunting, and traversing brushy areas.

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