Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch

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When preparing to tow a heavily loaded trailer, there are two figures to consider. One is the Gross Trailer Weight Rating, or GTWR. It constitutes the complete mass of the trailer along with all its content including cargo, fluids and accessories. The other is Tongue Weight. It is the portion of the GTWR that is shifted forward enough to press down on the hitch. Knowing these terms is key when you investigating adding a system like the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch to your trailer.

These two figures are necessary to understand if your truck can handle the trailer. If the Tongue weight is too high, your truck’s rear can “dive” under the weight lifting front wheels off the ground. It is a dangerous situation for you all four wheels on the ground to steer. Another extreme is the trailer’s front being too light and driving the truck’s rear up. This increases the risk of swaying.

As you can see, the balance is crucial here. The rule of thumb is Tongue weight comprising between 10 and 15 percent of the GTWR. But even so, the TW can be too much for your truck.

In situations where the Tongue weight is too much, Weight Distribution Hitches are an important tool everyone should investigate. In a lateral projection, the Tongue weight is in the middle, right where the truck couples with the trailer. A Weight Distribution System prevents the center from descending and distributes (hence the name) the weight towards the truck’s and the trailer’s axles.


Weight Distribution Systems by Andersen

Andersen Manufacturing offers some of the finest goods on the market when it comes to towing a trailer. We’ve already reviewed a few of their products like the Andersen Rapid Hitch. Let’s see what they offer in this department.

Andersen Weight distribution systems feature everything a weight distribution system is supposed to do and more.

Aluminum Ball


An aluminum ball is signature feature of Andersen Hitches. We know the word aluminum doesn’t sound very tough, but this is aircraft-grade alloy we’re talking about. This solution is comparable to industrial steel in terms of strength. Furthermore, this alloy is almost three times lighter (the whole product including the ball weighs just under 60 lbs) and resists corrosion without special finish that could peel off.


Andersen’s anti-sway technology is nothing short of a true innovation. The tightness of turning directly depends on the trailer’s Tongue weight. The heavier the load, the stronger the resistance. The Anti-Sway feature ensures there is one less thing you need to calculate and adjust manually.

No Grease

The Weight Distribution System’s Grease-Free design removes the necessity to keep the moving parts lubricated. This feature has a lot to do with aluminum alloy and its smooth surface. This also means no messy hands after coupling the trailer.

One-Pin Removal

Remove the WD Hitch from the ball coupling by simply removing the pin. Greaseless like other elements, the pin slides out and back into place with minimum effort and no unnecessary mess.


Quiet Operation

The overall quality and proper alignment of the weight distribution hitch results in yet another perk – virtually silent functioning. The sound made by an Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is so quiet you’ll never even know it is in operation.

Ball Included

Andersen Weight Distribution kits come with the ball. Everything you need to get started is in the box. The moment you buy it, you can install it, no additional purchases are required.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is the only product you’ll need for balancing your load weight. It is sturdy, easy to install and maintain, weather-resistant and includes an aluminum ball mount. The only issue to consider is the price. Like other Andersen products, these are more expensive than most competitors. But given the prime materials, the overall quality and, as a result, low failure risk, Andersen Weight Distribution Kits are truly a sensible investment.

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