Finding the Best Holosun Sight for Your Pistol [Guide]

Initially seen as just a maker of budget sights, Holosun has now become a key player in the American optics market, known for its high-quality, feature-rich optics at affordable prices. With their pistol sights being so popular, we decided to create a guide to Holosun reflex sights. In this guide, we’ll break down the features of each series—407, 507, 508, 509, SCS, and EPS—and compare them.

Finding the Best Holosun Sight for Your Pistol [Guide]

Getting to Know Holosun Pistol Sights

Holosun offers several series of reflex sights for pistols, each with its own set of features. Here’s a quick overview:

  • 407 Series: Known for its simplicity and affordability, the 407 series offers a dot-only reticle, making it ideal for those who prefer a straightforward aiming solution.
  • 507 Series: This series provides a multi-reticle system, allowing users to switch between different reticle options. It’s perfect for shooters who like versatility.
  • 508 Series: The 508 series stands out for its robust titanium construction, ensuring durability and reliability in harsh conditions.
  • 509 Series: Similar to the 508, the 509 series also features titanium housing but offers an enclosed emitter design, protecting the sight from environmental factors.
  • SCS Series: The SCS (Solar Charging Sight) series is innovative, harnessing solar energy to keep the sight powered.
  • EPS Series: The EPS (Enclosed Pistol Sight) series combines the benefits of an enclosed emitter with the convenience of a compact design.

Holosun Sights Configurations & Features

Holosun reflex sights come in various configurations to suit different preferences and shooting styles.

Dot-Only vs. Multi-Reticle System

While some red dots, like the 407 series, offer a dot-only reticle, which provides a simple and uncluttered aiming point, most feature a multi-reticle system (MRS), allowing users to choose between a dot, circle-dot, and circle reticle. This flexibility can be beneficial for competitive shooting.

Red Dot vs. Green Dot

Holosun sights are available with red (RD models) or green (GR models) reticles. Red dots are the most common and are well-suited for most lighting conditions. Green dots, on the other hand, can be easier to see in bright sunlight and may offer faster target acquisition for some shooters.

Solar Failsafe & Shake Awake

Many Holosun sights come equipped with Solar Failsafe technology, which utilizes solar energy to extend battery life. Solar Failsafe also means the sight can adjust the reticle brightness automatically.

The Shake Awake feature ensures that the sight is always ready for action by automatically turning on when it detects movement and turning off when it’s idle.

Solar Failsafe vs. Solar Charging

The SCS series in particular takes solar technology a step further. Instead of using the Solar Failsafe which serves as a solar backup powering the sight when there’s sunlight, the SCS uses the Solar  Charging technology that charges the sight, essentially providing infinite battery power.

C, K, COMP, and T Models

Holosun’s model lettering can be confusing at first, but once you understand it, it’s quite straightforward:

  • C (Compact): Smaller footprint suitable for compact pistols.
  • K (Subcompact Carry Optics): Designed for concealed carry pistols.
  • COMP (Competition): Optimized for competitive shooting.
  • T (Titanium): Features titanium housing for enhanced durability.

HS vs. HE

Holosun uses “HS” to denote their standard models and “HE” for the Elite models. Elite models often include additional features such as green reticles, titanium housings, or upgraded electronics.

Holosun 507 and 407 Sights

holosun-507cBy u/TooToughTimmy at Reddit

The 507 and 407 series are among Holosun’s most popular reflex sights, offering versatile features and reliable performance.

407 Series: 407C vs 407K

  • 407C X2: This model features a 2 MOA dot reticle, Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake technologies and uses a standard RMR footprint. It’s made for full-size and compact pistols. 
  • 407K X2: A smaller version of the 407C, designed for subcompact pistols. It offers the same benefits in a more compact package, except for the solar backup. The 407K also uses a K-series footprint and a 6MOA dot.

507 Series: 507C vs 507K vs 507COMP

  • 507C X2: A favorite among many shooters, the 507C X2 features a multi-reticle system, Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake. It’s suitable for a wide range of pistols and uses the RMR footprint.
  • 507K X2: Like the 407K X2, this model is designed for subcompact pistols. It includes the multi-reticle system but has no solar backup. Uses the K-series footprint.
  • 507COMP: Specifically designed for competitive shooting, the 507COMP offers a large window and a Competitive Reticle System (not MRS) with a 2MOA dot, 8MOA circle, 20MOA circle, and 32MOA circle.

Holosun 407 vs. 507: Which One to Choose?

The primary difference between the 407 and 507 series is the reticle options. The 407 series offers a dot-only reticle, while the 507 series provides a multi-reticle system.

So if you prefer a simple, dot-only reticle and don’t need additional reticle options, the 407 series is a great choice for those looking for an affordable pistol red dot sight.

In contrast, the 507 series, offering an option of combining a 2MOA dot with a 32MOA circle, might work better for people with astigmatism (green dot specifically). Although if you own a subcompact pistol, the 407K featuring a 6MOA dot might work for you.

The 507COMP with its complex reticle system is best suited for competitive shooting.

HOLOSUN HS407K 6 MOA Reflex Sight (HS407K-X2)

Holosun 407K


HOLOSUN HS407K 6 MOA Reflex Sight (HS407K-X2)

Holosun 507K



Holosun SCS

By u/DJ_Pham at Reddit

The Holosun SCS stands out not just for its cutting-edge solar charging tech but also for its unique design and features. Unlike other Holosun pistol sights that rely on Solar Failsafe to stretch battery life, the SCS uses solar energy to keep the sight constantly charged, giving you nearly limitless power.

Additionally, the SCS is built to fit pistols seamlessly, with a low-profile mount that sits flush with the slide. This design cuts down on the sight’s silhouette, keeping it from snagging on clothes or gear, making it perfect for concealed carry and smooth holstering. Also, note that the 

All Holosun SCS sights use green reticles and feature the MRS, meaning they can switch between a 2MOA dot, 32MOA circle, and a combination of both.

  • SCS Carry: A universal pistol red dot sight designed for concealed carry, offering a compact and lightweight design. Enclosed emitter. The SCS Carry uses the K-series footprint and comes with the RMCs-to-K adapter plate.
  • SCS PDP: Mounts directly on Walther PDP 2.0 pistols.
  • SCS 320: Mounts directly on SIG Sauer P320 pistol. Enclosed emitter.
  • SCS VP9: Mounts directly on Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol.
  • SCS MP2: Mounts directly on Smith & Wesson M&P2.0 full size, 9mm & 40S&W handguns.
  • SCS MOS: Mounts directly on Glock 17/19 MOS systems and features a titanium housing.

As you can see, only the SCS Carry and 320 have enclosed emitter designs; the others are open emitters. An open emitter design exposes the diode, which projects the reticle to the open air onto the lens. The main benefit of an open emitter sight is its simplicity and compact size.

On the other hand, an enclosed emitter design encases the diode within a protective housing and behind a second lens, guarding it against dust, rain, and debris. But this design usually makes the sight bulkier and heavier, which might not be the best fit for concealed carry pistols.

HOLOSUN SCS Carry 2 MOA Reticle Green Dot Sight (SCS-CARRY-GR)

Holosun SCS Carry



Holosun EPS & EPS Carry

The EPS (Enclosed Pistol Sight) series combines the benefits of an enclosed emitter with a compact design, making it a versatile option for various applications.

  • EPS: Standard model with an enclosed emitter design.
  • EPS Carry: A smaller version of the EPS, designed for concealed carry pistols.

Both subseries include models with a 2MOA dot, 6MOA dot, or MRS in red or green.

EPS Carry vs. SCS Carry

While everything’s clear about the original Holosun EPS – it’s a full-sized enclosed-emitter sight with a K-series footprint suitable for full-sized and compact pistols, what’s the point of EPS Carry when there is the SCS Carry?

Essentially, the SCS Carry with solar charging is for someone who wants a set-it-and-forget-it style, low to zero maintenance optic. You simply install it, set the reticle, and that’s it. The rest is on the optic, it will automatically adjust brightness and recharge so you’ll never have to worry about the battery. On the other hand, the EPS Carry offers more flexibility for those who prefer having manual control over their sight’s brightness. Also, unlike SCS sights which come only with a green reticle, the EPS series offers both red and green dot variants as well as models with a 6MOA dot.

HOLOSUN 7075 Aluminum Shake Awake Slimline Green 6MOA Dot Reflex Sight (EPS-CARRY-GR-6)

Holosun EPS Carry



Holosun 508 & 509

The 508 and 509 series are known for their durability and robust construction, making them ideal for demanding environments. Compared to the 507, SCS, and EPS, they are much less popular.

508T vs. 509T

Unlike the previously discussed Holosun reflex sights that feature aluminum housings, both the 508T and 509T feature titanium housings, offering exceptional durability. However, the 509T is an enclosed emitter, which protects the sight from dust, debris, and moisture. This makes the 509T an excellent choice for harsh environments. Both sights feature Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, and MRS.

The 508T and 509T are quite bulky, weighing 1.7 and 2 oz, respectively, so they are better suited to full-size and competition pistols. As for applications, the 508 series is more suitable for everyday carry to tactical use, while the 509 series, with its enclosed emitter design, is particularly well-suited for environments where the sight may be exposed to the elements.

As for the footprint, the 508T has RMR, while the 509T has a proprietary cut but comes with the RMR adapter plate.

The SCS (Solar Charging Sight) harnesses solar power to continually charge its battery, basically elliminating the need for battery replacements.

The SCS Carry utilizes solar charging for low maintenance and has an automatic brightness adjustment, ideal for a set-it-and-forget-it approach. The EPS Carry, however, offers manual control over brightness settings and comes in both red and green dot variants, catering to different shooting preferences.

The SCS Carry and EPS Carry are both excellent options for concealed carry. The SCS Carry is advantageous for shooters seeking minimal maintenance with its solar charging feature, while the EPS Carry provides flexibility with manual brightness adjustments and multiple reticle color options. Also, consider more affordable options like the 407K and 507K.

Green reticles are generally easier to see in bright conditions, as the human eye detects green wavelengths more effectively than red. This can enhance visibility in varying lighting conditions, improving target acquisition.

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