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Sometimes it can be hard to pick a trailer that properly matches the height of your truck. While at times an exact hitch setup it is not crucial due to road or terrain conditions, other times it is extremely important. Scenarios like the transport delicate cargo can end in disaster if your trailer’s not parallel to the ground. Andersen Manufacturing makes several innovative products for towing, and today we’ll take a closer look at the Anderson Rapid Hitch.

This is where the Adjustable Ball Mount Trailer Hitch by Andersen Manufacturing Hitches comes in. An adjustable hitch lets you pick the best height relative to your truck’s setup. This solution not only lets you couple unstandardized trailers with your truck, but it also allows you to switch between trailers and quickly adjust the hitch without replacing it.


Multi-Ball Hitch

There’s a feature of Andersen Rapid Hitch that takes this versatility even further. The Multi-Ball Hitch System incorporates two separate balls of different diameters. Flip the double ball over and use it on a different trailer. Switch to either one of two balls, adjust height by simply removing and re-inserting the hitch pin… These hitches have you covered in a wide variety of situations.


Aluminum Alloy Hitches

Another feature available in the Andersen Rapid Hitch is an unusual material not found in most hitches. We generally don’t think much of aluminum’s durability in towing situations. It’s light, sometimes bendable, and it even makes a shallow clinging sound upon impact… It simply doesn’t seem like a good substitute for a proper industrial material.

The thing is, we normally deal with aluminum in the form of soda cans, foil and other thin structures. Make them from steel and they won’t be much stronger. However, pure aluminum is quite durable on its own. We’re talking about 6061 T6 aircraft grade Aluminum alloy. Airplane wings and fuselages, SCUBA tanks, pressure chambers – those are a few examples of what’s made of this alloy. Blades of medieval swords were made from softer materials. And yes, it is durable enough to handle your truck.

Another perk is corrosion resistance. Aluminum doesn’t rust like some steels thus promising a lifetime of service in rough weather. It also looks great on its own and does not need any protective surface that would peel off and require additional care. Most importantly, of course, it is almost three times lighter than steel.



The Andersen Rapid Hitch comes in three sizes and, according to the manufacturer:

  • If the measurement is 20″ or less – the 4″ drop is for you.
  • If the measurement is between 20″ and 24″ you need the 6″ drop.
  • If you measure more than 24″ you will need the 10″ drop.

Final thoughts

Adjustable Ball Mount Trailer Hitch by Andersen is lightweight, requires little maintenance and resists dirt and rain. The only downside is it’s more expensive than most competitors, but what can we say? Higher quality is worth the investment.

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