Best Holosun Red Dot Sights for Hunting and Sporting

In our last post, we took a look at Holosun and how they’ve become a favorite among shooters thanks to their feature-packed and affordable optics. If you missed it, you can check it out here. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the top Holosun red dot sights for hunting and sporting.

Quick Guide to Choosing a Red Dot Sight for Hunting with Rifle or Shotgun

What is a Red Dot / Reflex Sight?

red dot sight is a non-magnifying reflector sight for firearms. Unlike traditional scopes, it projects an illuminated reticle onto a glass lens, allowing quick target acquisition and better situational awareness. Red dot sights are effective for targets up to 100 yards, and further with a magnifier. The main advantage over traditional scopes is faster, more intuitive aiming, ideal for hunting scenarios requiring quick responses.

Tube vs. Open Style Red Dot Sights

When choosing a red dot sight, consider whether to go with a tube-style or open-style sight. Tube-style sights resemble small telescopes and offer better protection against the elements, making them suitable for extreme weather conditions. They often come with flip-up lens covers. Open-style sights, or reflex sights, provide a larger field of view and are lighter, but may be more susceptible to debris and weather, which can obstruct the reticle.

Reticle Colors: Red, Green, and Gold

Red dot sights usually offer reticles in red, green, or gold. Red reticles are visible in most lighting and are the most common. Green reticles are easier to see in bright daylight and less straining on the eyes. Gold reticles are rare and good for those who are red-green color blind.

Reticle Styles: Dot, Circle, Combination, or Other

Red dot sights come with various reticle styles, the most common being the simple dot and circle dot. Holosun, for example, offers sights with a 2 MOA dot and a Multi-Reticle System for using a dot, circle, or both. A 2 MOA dot is ideal for precise shooting and visible at various ranges, while a 65 MOA circle provides a larger aiming area for easy visibility at closer ranges. Combination reticles offer precision with a small dot and quick target acquisition with a large circle.

Mounts & Appropriate Mount Height for Rifles and Shotguns

Quick Detach (QD) mounts enable rapid removal and attachment of the sight, allowing easy switching between optics. For shotguns, lower mounts are better as they keep the optic closer to the bore, aiding in natural cheek weld and quick target acquisition.

Brightness Adjustment: Auto, Buttons, or Rotary Switch

Finally, consider how the sight’s brightness is adjusted. Automatic adjustment uses sensors to modify reticle brightness based on ambient light, allowing hands-free operation. Manual adjustments are typically managed through buttons or a rotary switch. A rotary switch can be quicker and easier to use than buttons, especially when wearing gloves.

Best Holosun Red Dot Sights for Rifles & Shotguns

Holosun SCRS


The Holosun SCRS (Solar Charging Rifle Sight) is an excellent entry point for those seeking a reliable and crisp reticle without breaking the bank. Built with dimensions of 1.7×1.35×1.6 inches and weighing just 2.45 oz, the SCRS is lightweight and compact.

The SCRS boasts a robust 7075 T6 aluminum housing, ensuring it can withstand intensive outdoor use. It includes a lower 1/3 co-witness mount with uses a Holosun’s 509T footprint compatible with offset RDS mounts. The mount is quite high for shotgun turkey hunting, but this is easy to fix will a lower aftermarket mounting plate.

holosun scrs green dot msr sight

Holosun SCRS


When it comes to the reticle, the SCRS provides both a traditional 2 MOA dot and the MRS (Multi-Reticle System) options with both dot and circle. The reticle’s lines are crisp and thin, ensuring target clarity. The sight features brightness settings that can be adjusted manually or automatically via its advanced Auto Mode.

The coolest thing about this Holosun red dot is that it features a Solar Recharging System. Unlike Holosun’s Solar Failsafe feature that serves merely as a backup, the SRS actually recharges the battery providing virtually indefinite battery life.

Despite its high-end features, the SCRS is priced significantly lower than many competing models. At GRITR Outdoors, it’s priced between $230 and $300 depending on the model.

Holosun 403 & 503 Series


Holosun’s 403 and 503 series offer a range of affordable red dot sights packed with beloved features, catering to different preferences and needs. While both series provide exceptional value, the 403 series is more basic, featuring a straightforward 2 MOA dot reticle, while the 503 series steps it up with the MRS.

HOLOSUN 20mm Micro Hi/Low Mount 2 MOA Red Dot Sight (HS403B)

Holosun 403B​


The 403 and 503 series are noticeably larger and heavier than the SCRS but generally maintain a compact profile. The 403 series is built with either cast aluminum or 6061 aluminum, while the 503 series primarily uses 6061 aluminum. For hunting and other heavy-duty situations, it might be better to choose a tougher optic and skip the basic 403R sight that uses cast aluminum and lacks features.

Speaking of those, the 403 series sports a simple 2 MOA dot reticle, available in red or gold color options, catering to users with red-green color blindness. It includes models like the 403R, which is the most basic without solar and shake-awake features, and the 403B and 403C, which add shake-awake and solar capabilities, respectively.

HOLOSUN HS503CU Micro Red Dot Sight (HS503CU)

Holosun 503CU


The 503 series, on the other hand, offers the MRS with both dot and circle reticles. The 503R, like its 403R counterpart, is a simple model but with a 6061 aluminum housing and is available in red or gold reticle colors. The 503CU model ups the ante with solar panels and the shake-awake.

Both series focus on affordability, ensuring that hunters can access high-quality optics without spending a fortune. At GRITR Outdoors, the Holosun 403 rifle optic models can be found at as low as $140-$170. The 503 models are priced at about $50 higher.

Holosun 515 Series


For those seeking a premium, heavy-duty optic, the 515 series is a top contender. Designed for durability and performance, these Holosun red dot sights are built with tough materials, making them incredibly rugged and long-lasting. However, the 515’s heavier build may not be ideal for long treks.

HOLOSUN HE515CM Elite 20mm Multi-Reticle System Green Solar QD Dot Sight (HE515CM-GR)

Holosun 515CM


The 515GM and 515CM models are built with 7075 aluminum, while the 515GT and 515CT models feature titanium housings. Another difference is the mount – titanium models QD absolute co-witness (1.41”) mounts, aluminum sights sport QD lower 1/3 co-witness (1.63”) mounts. All models include flip-up caps.

HOLOSUN HE515CT-GR Elite Solar Green Dot Sight (HE515CT-GR)

Holosun 515CT


The 515 series features the MRS with both dot and circle reticle options. As for the features, the G models have have shake-awake but no solar backup, while the C models have both.

While the 515 series is priced higher than the 403 and 503 series, it offers exceptional durability and advanced features, making it a worthwhile investment for serious hunters and sports shooters.

Holosun 510C


The Holosun 510C is widely regarded as one of the best open-reflex sights designed for long gun applications. Its durability and ability to withstand recoil make it a top choice for small-game hunting and competition shooting.

Built with a 6061 aluminum body and a robust titanium hood, this sight is both durable and reliable, capable of withstanding substantial recoil. Its dimensions are slightly more substantial compared to tube red dots, making it a bit heavier. However, this added weight contributes to its resilience in rugged conditions. The sight features a super large window that enhances the shooter’s field of view, and it comes with a QD absolute co-witness mount, offering a 1.41” dot height. For those who require an elevated point of view, a lower 1/3 co-witness spacer is available separately from Holosun dealers, increasing the dot height to 1.63”. It’s important to note that the open emitter design can sometimes be prone to debris, potentially blocking the laser.

HOLOSUN Open Reflex Multi-Reticle System Red Dot Sight (HS510C)

Holosun 510C


It features Holosun’s MRS which offers options for a 2 MOA dot, a 65 MOA ring, or both combined. The reticle’s brightness can be manually adjusted through 10 daylight and 2 night vision compatible intensity settings. The sight also includes Holosun’s Solar Failsafe technology, which provides uninterrupted operation even when the battery runs low, and their Shake Awake feature that conserves battery life by automatically powering the sight on with movement detection.

The 510C is priced competitively (around $340 at our store), considering its advanced features and robust build. It is particularly suitable for small game hunting and competition shooting, where quick target acquisition and reliability are crucial. Its combination of durability, wide field of view, and innovative features make it a top choice for serious shooters.

HOLOSUN HS510C Reflex Sight And 3X Magnifier Combo (HS510C+HM3X Combo)

Holosun 510C + 3x Magnifier Combo


Final Words


Holosun red dot sights are an excellent choice for hunting and sporting activities. With their feature-rich designs and affordable prices, they offer a balance of quality and accessibility that is hard to find in other brands. You can find Holosun red dot sights at GRITR Outdoors, so check them out and elevate your shooting experience today!

Yes, Holosun red dot sights are built to withstand harsh conditions. Models like the 515 series offer robust construction with options in 7075 aluminum or titanium housings. The 510C model features a titanium hood and a solid aluminum body, ensuring durability even with substantial recoil and rough handling.

Absolutely. Holosun red dot sights come with adjustable brightness settings, including night vision compatible options. For instance, the 510C model offers 10 daylight settings and 2 night vision settings, ensuring visibility in various lighting conditions.

The Solar Recharging System in Holosun sights allows the battery to be charged using solar energy. This feature extends the battery life significantly, potentially providing indefinite operation. It’s different from the Solar Failsafe feature which serves only as a backup battery source.

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