Rob Boyle

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Rob was born in Bermuda, a little island off the coast of the Eastern United States, all by itself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Since then he has lived in New Jersey, Arizona, Scotland and for the last ten years, the great state of Texas. Rob has only gotten into hunting the outdoors relatively recently. Five years ago he woke up one day and had the itch to learn how to shoot a bow. Since then, he has devoted most of his spare time to learning the art of archery and bowhunting. It is a passion of his that will last a lifetime. By day, Rob is a Forensic DNA Analyst, and by night and the weekends, an avid archer and bowhunter. He continues to learn on a daily basis the many wonders of the stick and string, and he is very happy to be able to share his knowledge of archery and bowhunting with you all on the Gritroutdoors and 1800GunsAndAmmo Blogs.



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