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2023 Ultimate Hunting Gifts Guide: Surprising Hunters Everywhere

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Black Friday has already passed, but not everyone has finished their Christmas shopping yet. Some gifts are still waiting to be bought. To help those in need of inspiration, Gritr Outdoors prepared a list of the best hunting gifts in 2024. Many of them would fit all outdoor enthusiasts, but some positions are exclusive gifts for hunters. I’d be happy to receive some of the things as presents myself, so maybe this article will help relatives and friends of other hunters as well.

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Gifts for Hunters Above $100
Hunting Gifts Below $100

Gift Cards

Before getting down to specific items, I should mention an absolutely universal, fail-proof gift option: a gift card. See, nobody wants to mess up their Christmas gift, but you never know for sure whether you’ll hit the bullseye and give just what a person needs. Giving some generic, non-personalized gift also sounds like the last resort, so why guess and hope when you can instead make sure the person receives what they truly need? By giving a Gift Certificate as your present, you show a person you know where their field of interest lies (which is better than giving money), while also giving them the freedom to choose what they like. No more awkward situations where you give something a person bought a week or two before as a Christmas gift for themselves. Only the comfort of knowing you did a great job. But if you want a hunting gift to place under the Christmas tree, here’s a list of candidates for the job.

Gift Ideas for Hunters Above $100

vortex solo monocular

Hunting Monocular

The VORTEX Solo 8x36mm R/T Monocular is an adventurer’s best friend, that will allow the giftee to take a closer look at things without getting close themselves. Compact and lightweight, it fits snugly in most of the pockets and delivers clear, high-fidelity images. It’s perfect for anyone who sets foot in the great outdoors, but hunters can make use of this item more than anyone. It’s a gift that promises to bring the world closer to being explored and appreciated.

Case XX pocket knife

Pocket Knife

The book titled “100 Uses of a Pocket Knife” would miss out on at least another 100 – so versatile this tool is. The CASE XX Folding Hunter Pocket Knife is a fantastic gift for those who value practicality and craftsmanship. This timeless tool is not only handy for daily tasks but can also be of great help when bushcrafting or simply trying to cut something in the wilderness. Featuring a beautifully worn handle, packaged in a beautiful leather sheath, this knife will become a reliable helper in any adventure.

heated socks

Heated Socks

Some winters are more bitter than others, and sometimes even winter boots are not enough. But with the THERM-IC Heat Uni V2 Powersocks, cold feet will be a thing of the past regardless of the weather. And no secret knitting technique – only the power of science and electricity. These heated socks ensure warmth and comfort be it a chilly winter hike or a cozy evening at home. If you want to rest assured your giftee stays warm regardless of the temperature, this is the answer to your query.

folding chair

Folding Chair

The BROWNING Directors XT Plus Charcoal/Gray Camping Chair is the epitome of comfort combined with convenience. Strong and durable, this chair will offer a place of respite wherever one decides to take a pause. Packable and portable, it’s the perfect seat to place near a campfire after a long day of hunting. Gift this to the outdoor lovers in your life, and they’ll be remembering you every time they sit back and relax in the great outdoors.

garmin vivomove sport


Monitoring your health is a helpful habit, and hunters, with their physically demanding hunts, would benefit more than many from doing so. The GARMIN Vivomove Sport Smartwatch is a sophisticated hybrid smartwatch that seamlessly blends the classic appeal of an analog watch with the functionality of smart features. This stylish timepiece boasts a hidden touchscreen display and grants access to text messaging when paired with a smartphone. With a battery life of up to five days in smart mode and an additional day in watch mode, it will track the health and wellness of the wearer with precision that Swiss watches would envy.

LEUPOLD RX-1400i TBR W Gen 2 Flightpath Rangefinder

Hunting Rangefinder

It’s often difficult to estimate the distance by eye: our eyecrometers are not fail-safe. But you know what is? A rangefinder. With the LEUPOLD RX-1400i TBR/W Gen 2 Flightpath Rangefinder, your giftee will always stay on target. This top-of-the-line rangefinder provides accurate distance and angle readings, proving to be an invaluable tool for hunters and target shooters. It combines performance and innovation in a compact, easy-to-use device that also happens to look sleek.

can cooler

Backpack Cooler

It’s nice to have your drink cold, and one insulated tumbler can help you with that. But what if you have, say, a dozen cans you need to stay chilled? Buying so many insulated tumblers sounds like an overkill. But there is a solution to this conundrum: a backpack cooler from Polar Bear Coolers. It’s a perfect choice for hunters who like to carry refreshments on their trips and hunt with their friends. The high-density insulation promises to keep food and beverages cool for at least 24 hours. It needs to be filled with ice to work, but the leak- and sweat-proof design make sure this won’t cause any problems.

browning trail cameras

Trail Camera

Considering how many innovative gadgets the progress gifted to hunters, it seems only fitting to follow suit. If you know your giftee is using trail cameras (or at least have a place to place them), you can give one of these as there are never too many of them. Browning Trail Cameras Recon Force Trail Camera is a great device produced by a brand whose profundity in trail camera production is second to none. It is a fantastic tool that captures high-quality images and videos, helping hunters to scout out game in their natural habitats. Just make sure to check your local regulations as trail cameras aren’t regulated similarly across the country.

Hunting Gifts below $100

drake hat

Hunting Hat

The DRAKE Gore-Tex Jones Hat is far from only being a fashion statement; it’s a practical gift for those who love spending their days under the sky, sometimes clear, sometimes gloomy. Its water-resistant feature protects from unexpected rain showers, while the material makes sure the wearer’s head can breathe and reside in comfort. The hat also sports a classic design that never goes out of trend. It can become a perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast, ensuring they’re always ready for whatever the weather has in store.

Gritr Timbler

GRITR Tumbler

Whether for a camping trip or everyday use, the GRITR 20 Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler is an excellent gift option. This tumbler is designed to keep beverages at the desired temperature for hours, making it perfect for both hot and cold drinks. It’s rust-proof, durable and dishwasher-safe, which is everything one could ask from a tumbler. And there are four designs to choose from, whichever you can relate to most. If you’re looking for a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come, Gritr Tumbler is a dependable option.

Toadfish non-tipping cooler

Can Cooler

Even those containers that claim to be leakproof are not immune to spilling, at least once they are open. There is only one fool-proof way to make sure your drink stays inside of it – to never knock them over. The Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler is an essential item for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. This unique can cooler is designed to prevent your drink from tipping over. This comes particularly handy when you’re on a rocky boat, but can be applicable to any “risky” surface and those are, well, in abundance everywhere. This can cooler utilizes smart grip technology, which allows it to stick to any smooth surface. So, in addition to looking good, it also performs flawlessly. Just keep in mind that this is a can cooler, not a can, so make sure the giftee has something to apply this to.

turkey Call

Turkey Call 

If you are in search of a gift for a turkey hunter, there is an option you simply cannot go wrong with: a turkey call. It is a must-have for any turkey-hunting enthusiast. The PRIMOS Hook Up Turkey Magnetic Box Call features a unique magnetic lid design for perfect tension every time. The gobble band adds an extra level of realism to the call produced. And the best part – it is the easiest type of call to master. You can rest assured the person who receives that won’t be frustrated by their insufficient mastery when using it (given they are not skillful, of course).

outdoor cutting set

Outdoor Cutting Set

The great outdoors work miracles to our appetite, making each bite of whatever it is we are eating ten times as good. And food prepared outdoors has even more appeal. However, outdoor cooking also entails some challenges, like finding a place and means to chop something. Primus Campfire Cutting Set offers a functional and convenient solution to this problem. It includes a durable stainless steel camp knife and oak cutting board. The magnet-embedded wrap makes the set particularly compact and easy to pack.

first aid kit

First Aid Kit

The wilderness is a place of power for hunters, but it’s not without its perils. With civilization being at some considerable distance from them, hunters need to be prepared to be the first to respond to injuries that befall them or those they hunt with. North American Rescue Mini First Aid Kit is packed with essential medical supplies that can help curtail the initial damage from penetrating, blast or other traumatic injuries. And, to be perfectly honest, few hunters carry first aid kits, so gifting one is the best way to ensure they’ll have one.

Drake Wallet


A wallet is a classic gift, and hunters may very well need one for their hunting licenses, tags and all other things that find their way into the wallets. But if you want the gifted wallet to still carry a sliver of the hunting spirit, you can turn to one of the famous hunting brands. Drake is one such brand, and their Leather Tri-Fold Wallet is one such wallet. It combines rugged elegance and functionality which is a perfect blend for someone with a passion for hunting. Crafted from quality leather, this wallet bears the mark of Drake quality, embodied in its easily recognizable oval logo. It is a great gift for any hunter who appreciates style and practicality.

streamlight headlamp


Sometimes, we all feel like we could benefit from an extra hand. Hunters find themselves in this position more often than most, with their hands constantly occupied by firearms or one of the numerous contraptions they use. Streamlight ProTac Headlamp offers a way out of this pickle. When the light leaves much to be desired, one wouldn’t need to settle for holding a flashlight because they can carry it on their head. This headlamp from Streamlight offers bright, long-range light with a comfortable elastic headband. It’s perfect for tracking game in the early morning or late evening hours. It’s also applicable in a dozen other scenarios.

STREAMLIGHT ProTac HL 750 Lumens LED Flashlight

Hunting Flashlight

But let’s say your giftee hunter has a sling and doesn’t need to carry their rifle in their hands all the time. A flashlight becomes a valid gift as it is an absolute must for anyone who ventures into the wilderness. Streamlight ProTac LED Flashlight offers even more light than its headband relative. Compact, bright, and durable – these are the adjectives that describe this flashlight the best. With its 750 lumens of light output, it’s sure to dispel the darkness and show the path to follow, even if it’s just a trail leading to home.

Bluetooth HD IV Ear-Warmers

Ear Warmers

Cold ears make for hasty returns. That’s not always the case, but unless one wears a hat, ears remain the most exposed part of the head during winter. 180S Men’s Bluetooth HD IV Ear Warmer and Women’s Keystone Bluetooth Ear Warmer are both great options for a Christmas gift to a hunter or huntress. Those will allow them to keep warm and connected to their phones to listen to music without having to sacrifice warmth. The behind-the-ear design makes sure these ear warmers don’t interfere with glasses or other kinds of headwear. It’s perfect for hunters who want to stay comfortable in cold weather.

CAMOSYSTEMS Military Boat Green and Brown Blind Cover With Mesh

Blind Cover

Sometimes, the best gift is the one that can hide you from the prying eyes. Camosystems Military Boat Green and Brown Blind Cover With Mesh excels at this job. This blind cover can blend with many environments but is particularly useful for waterfowl hunters. While the exterior may look continuous, the mesh design allows for visibility even when looking from the inside. The color is reversible, so the hunter can choose whichever side blends better with the environment. 

OTIS Universal Tactical Cleaning System

Gun Cleaning Kit

A gun is one of the hunter’s primary tools, a tool that requires proper maintenance and attention. While many gun owners have home-stationed gun cleaning sets, not everyone has a portable cleaning kit. The Otis Universal Tactical Cleaning System is an excellent Christmas gift idea for the avid hunter in your life. This comprehensive kit contains a full range of cleaning tools, including six firearm-specific bronze bore brushes, a Memory-flex cable and thread connector, patches, a T-handle and several other tools. All of these components are conveniently stored in a soft pack case, which makes it a lightweight and portable gun-cleaning kit. Since the kit is not caliber-specific, you can rest assured your giftee will find it useful even if you don’t remember which caliber they shoot. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, both in terms of ideas and items we have in store for you. You can check out our Hunting Equipment category to see if something might be to your hunter’s liking. We also have dedicated categories for the most popular game types: Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting, Duck Hunting, Turkey Hunting and Bear Hunting. Maybe the present you are looking for is waiting for you there. 

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