Top 10 Surprising New Year’s Gift Ideas for Hunters or Fishermen

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Feeling like you’ll never find that perfect gift for the hunter or angler in your life because they have everything? Or have you run out of ideas? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas and New Year gifts for hunters and fishermen. These are all cool gifts that will not only evoke a genuine “Wow, that’s so thoughtful of you!” response but also come in handy during their trips. Enjoy!

Quick List of the Best Gift Ideas

Wool Socks
Gun Maintenance Gifts
Deer Hunting Gifts
Fishing Gifts
Outdoor Accessories
Hand Protection Gifts
Trail Cameras
Gift Certificate

Wool Socks – You can’t go wrong with these

Merino wool socks are an excellent gift for hunters and fishermen, thanks to their warmth retention, moisture-wicking, and cushioning features.

Smartwool tall hunting socks are a top choice among many, matching up with well-known brands like Kenetrek and Darn Tough. They come with added cushioning, perfect for anyone spending long hours on their feet. The elasticized arch and ankle support prevent any uncomfortable bunching or slipping, while the flat knit toe seam reduces potential irritation.

Gun Maintenance Tools – For a big gun collection


Hunting rifles, shotguns, and revolvers need regular cleaning and care to work well and last long. Dirt and grime can build up and affect how well they work. Also, moving parts rubbing together can cause damage, and moisture can cause rust.

The GRITR kit has everything to clean different types of guns – from .22 rifles to 12ga shotguns. It comes in a compact, tough EVA case, and each tool is labeled with its caliber.

BreakFree Spray CLP is a 3-in-1 gun solution. CLP means cleaner, lubricant, and protector, meaning it cleans off dirt, lubricates metal parts without leaving them sticky, and protects them against rust.

Deer Hunting Gifts – Any hunter will love it

Deer hunting is a gear-intensive activity. And for the deer hunter in your life, helping them assemble their deer kit could be the perfect gift.

Firstly, the Kershaw Deschutes is a must-have in the deer hunter’s toolkit. This hook-style, fixed-blade hunting knife has been designed specifically for skinning and gutting deer. It’s a full-tang construction, which ensures robustness and control.

In addition to the knife, consider a saw. This tool is invaluable when dealing with bones and other hard tissues. Its lightweight and compact design doesn’t compromise its strength.

Scent control is vital in deer hunting. So consider this scent control kit. This is an excellent hunting gift as the kit includes a shampoo and body wash, field spray, deodorant, and gear wipes.

Lastly, consider the deer scent – a fantastic addition to any deer hunting arsenal. By imitating the calming scents of a deer herd, it attracts deer, thereby increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

Fishing Gear – These items always come in handy


When considering fishing gear as a gift, it can be challenging to know exactly what lines, baits, rods, and reels your angler prefers. However, two categories of items always make the best fishing gifts – packs and accessories.

One excellent gift for any fisherman is the Umpqua ZS2 Ledges 500 waist pack. The back panel and waist belt are stiff and well-padded for comfortable wearing and carrying. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold four large lure boxes, plus it has stretch mesh pockets for additional accessories. But what sets this waist pack apart is its integrated net slot and hemostat sheath – what a surprise.

Another great gift for anglers is simple – good-quality pliers. These pliers from Cheeky Fishing boast robust construction and ergonomic design and make handling fish and tackling equipment issues in the field a breeze.

Outdoor Must-Haves – Universal gifts for any sport

Some items are appreciated by any outdoor enthusiast, no matter the sport. For instance, a water bottle, like this one from GRITR.

This leakproof bottle features double-layer vacuum insulation technology that keeps beverages at their optimal temperature for hours. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee needed for an early morning hunt or a cold smoothie for a day out fishing, this bottle keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Next, a Swiss Army knife. This cool tool exemplifies versatility and reliability. Whether it’s for cutting lines, opening cans, or making quick repairs, this pocket knife is a handy tool that every outdoor enthusiast will find practical.

Gloves & Hand Warmers – For those winter trips

Items that keep hands warm are always great gifts for hunters and anglers in cold climates. However, not just any kind of protection will do. Along with sufficient insulation, it should offer enough dexterity to handle the firearm trigger or manipulate a fishing reel effectively.

The Pnuma hand warmer is an excellent gift idea for hunters because it will keep their hands warm without restricting the movement of the fingers. The hand warmer comes with three heat settings to adjust warmth to suit the weather changes.

But if you think handwarmer isn’t enough, consider this versatile hand protection from Striker. These mitts feature an insulated outer shell that can be peeled back over the fingers and thumb to reveal a glove liner. The forefinger and thumb of the glove liner can also be peeled back for tasks like tying knots or manipulating the touchscreen.

Optics – Good for the angler, ideal for the hunter


Binoculars make an ideal gift for hunters and anglers alike.

If you’re looking for a good quality for the money, consider the Leupold Timberline 10×42. It’s compact and has good light transmission. It comes with a binocular harness that is great at keeping the binoculars and small accessories safe, secure, and easily accessible.

The Vortex Diamondback HD 10×50 bino is another superb gift option, delivering high-class performance at a reasonable price. While both binoculars offer excellent performance, the Vortex Diamondback stands out with its added durability features and versatility. Plus, it has a larger objective lens, which means more field of view for easier target location. The bino comes with a harness case, cap, and cleaning cloth.

This Leupold rangefinder with angle compensation is the best hunting gift. Angle compensation is essential for hunting in varied terrain or from a treestand, as it adjusts the distance reading according to the shot’s angle. The rangefinder has features for both rifle and bow hunters and boasts a bright red display that, unlike many black LCDs of affordable rangefinders, makes it easy to see in low-light conditions.

Trail Cameras – For science and fun

Trail cameras can serve both scientific and recreational purposes. For deer surveys, experts recommend one camera per 100 acres for a medium-sized property. That means a game camera will be an ideal gift for a hunter who conducts surveys, as they need a lot of them. Yet, the use goes beyond hunting; trail cameras can also provide an intimate glimpse into wildlife behavior as well as be used for home security.

This Spypoint trail camera is a fantastic and affordable option. It features a built-in solar panel, records 10MP photos in color during the day, and switches to black and white for night shots, using four powerful infrared LEDs. It’s sensitive to movement up to 24m away and can illuminate an equal distance with its flash. Note that this camera does not record videos.

If you want a more advanced option, this trail camera from Browning is a good alternative. Designed to run for up to a year on a set of 8 AA batteries, it also boasts a high-resolution sensor, fast trigger speeds, cellular technology, GPS-tagged 20MP images, 1600 x 900 HD+ videos with sound, and a 100ft detection range. 

Note that cellular cameras are restricted in Arizona, Utah, Montana, and Nevada.

Backpacks – Everyone needs an upgrade

Backpacks are universal gifts.

For instance, the Badlands 2200 makes a fantastic gift for the dedicated deer hunter. This hunting backpack is ideal for big-game hunting, especially when you’ve been successful in bringing down a deer. The pack features a built-in meat shelf system that simplifies carrying game, plus its foam suspension system is designed for heavy loadouts. The backpack also accommodates both rifles and bows. And with its camouflage color, it blends seamlessly into the hunting environment.

For the angler on the move, the Shimano Blackmoon fishing backpack is the best fishing gift. This all-in-one bag provides extensive tackle storage options in a comfortable and highly mobile package. It’s ideal for storing terminal tackle, lures, tools, and other gear. The backpack is built to last, constructed from heavy-duty rip-stop polyester fabric with double-reinforced stitching.

GRITR Outdoors Gift Certificate

If the above gift ideas for hunters and fishermen don’t resonate with you, our final proposal would be the GRITR Outdoors Gift Certificate, available in any amount you deem appropriate. Our outdoor sports store boasts a vast array of products for hunters and anglers, so you can rest assured that if you choose the certificate, your gift will be appreciated and put to good use.


What’s the best gift for a hunter?

Popular hunting gifts include wool socks, warm base layers, trail cams, warm wool gloves, a rangefinder, a backpack, and binoculars with a harness and tripod adapter.

What is the best gift for a fly fisherman?

The best gift for a fly fisherman often involves wading gear, comfortable water-resistant clothing, or bags and packs for their tackle.

What do you get a deer hunter for Christmas?

Deer hunters might appreciate specialized items like deer stands, trail cameras, deer attractants, or hunting clothing designed for stealth and comfort in the woods. Personalized items, such as a monogrammed hunting knife or a custom-made deer call, can also make for thoughtful gifts.

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