ATA 2017 – New and Improved Products for Archers and Bowhunters


By Nancy Jo Adams

Over the last month since the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show, there has been much published online sharing information on new products and improved products. Any person with an interest in archery or bowhunting has undoubtedly been following these announcements and articles. What has been published just touches the surface of the amount of quality hunting gear that was showcased at ATA. I wanted to share several products that I found worthy of mentioning.

Morph Pro Bow Hanger System by Outright Hunting Products

Not all bow hangers are built alike and many are not ideal for all hunting setups. The Morph Pro Bow Hanger System is one system that can be used in a multitude of hunting setups. The Morph Pro Complete System comes with everything you need to have the best bow hanger in any hunting situation. The system incorporates three quick-connect (QC) multi-length arms, a QC crow’s foot tri-fold hanger, four QC power point screws, a QC link mount, a universal utility hook, a QC quiver/link mount, three QC bolts, a speed ratchet tool, all in a handy roll case. Never hunt in a stand with a makeshift, “it’ll-do” bow hanger again, hunt with the most versatile bow hanger on the market, the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System.


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KryptoLight Targets

A new target found on the ATA floor received a lot of attention, the KrytoLight Target. This 6-sided target is made of high-quality, self-healing polyurethane construction for a lightweight portable design. A handy self-formed handle allows for easy mobility of the target. The construction allows for easy arrow and bolt removal. What makes KrytoLight Targets different from other targets? A patent pending glow in the dark technology that allows two of the six shooting surfaces to glow in the dark. This built-to-last target is the perfect size for packing on long haul trips, and it gives you the option of low light or night time visibility to allow you to practice longer.

Crossbow Defuser

With the popularity of crossbows on the rise, it was only a matter of time before a company came out with a safe alternative to de-cock crossbows. Crossbow Defuser offers a safer, more convenient alternative to lugging around a discharge target or shooting a bolt into the ground after your hunt. A few simple steps are all it takes to quickly and quietly discharge the crossbow. Load the Defuser, anchor it down with the easy turn t-handle, take off the safety and squeeze the trigger, then loosen the t-handle to defuse your crossbow. The weather-resistant Crossbow Defuser is powder coated and zinc coated for years of service. Three models are available for the various makes and models of crossbows.


Bronc Box

For the hunter that likes to stay organized, or for those that need to…the Bronc Box received rave reviews at the ATA show. The roto-molded, 2” foam-filled bow and gun box not only safely stores a weapon, it is designed to store your hunting gear—all of the gear you would need for most hunts. The Bronc Box is designed to be customized to the hunter’s use. The box measures 20.67” H x 20”W x 48”L, incorporates four built-in handles, two molded rope handles, two rubber wheels and four feet. The four corner security lock points and military-style latches add extra security. The bow compartment is foam lined and measures 44” in length with a special quiver area, double latches, and gasket seal securing against the elements. The bottom section of the Bronc Box has a customizable divider and a storage tray for smaller items. The Bronc Box weighs 55 pounds empty but the wheels and handles make for easy mobility and allows for the user to have one weatherproof storage option for all of their gear versus a weapon case, a large gear bag, and a boot bag.


GoCam by Spartan Cameras

The wireless Spartan Cameras GoCam has the best rate plan in the industry among wireless cameras. The GoCam can be added to existing cell service for as little as $5 per month (not including taxes and fees). It is supported by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or U.S. Cellular service. With the user-friendly web portal and mobile app, hunters can leave the camera in the field for months at a time and not only check the cameras from their devices, the status of the camera can be monitored such as battery life level. The GoCam sends motion or timer triggered images to your phone, tablet or computer. A durable blackout model and an IR model is available in Realtree Xtra Green and Kryptek.


ThermaCELL MR450 Handheld Insect Repeller

The new ThermaCELL MR450 incorporates the ThermaCELL’s repellenct reputation with hunter-suggested enhancements. The new ergonomic design of the unit incorporates rubber armored sides, a re-engineered grill, an all new accessory mounting system, belt clip and a zone protection indicator. The new zone of protection indicator allows a visual confirmation the unit is working to maximum benefit and that it has not ran out of fuel. Each unit comes with one butane cartridge, three repellent mats for 12 hours of silent, virtually odor-free operation for a 15’ x 15’ zone of protection.


ThermaCELL Heated Products

ThermaCELL Heated Products introduced the ProFlex Heavy Duty Heated Insoles with Bluetooth and the Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth. Heated products that are now controlled by your smartphone. Get the right amount of heat when you need it and conveniently turn the heated products off when you don’t need them. The ProFlex Heavy Duty Insoles have all the same features as the original ProFlex but has improved battery life, faster charging and long-lasting durability. The Pocket Warmer have all the features of the original Pocket Warmer with a 50% faster charging time, a dust cover and a lanyard. Both products are operated by Bluetooth Technology without having to keep up with a remote or having to remove the product to turn them on/off. How ingenious and convenient!


Peet D’odoriz’R Module

For all the Peet Dryer users, a new product to eliminates odors is available: the Peet D’odoriz’R Module. This device uses scientific ozone odor elimination to destroy odors, not just cover them up, in all types of footwear. The science behind the system starts with normal oxygen molecules (O2), adds a small electrical charge which transforms O2 molecules into ozone (O3) or activated oxygen. The O3 then breaks off to attach and destroy odor and pollution molecules. The small energy efficient device uses 4 watts to do its magic and can be used by itself in small spaces, used directly in boots and shoes for deodorizing, or added to a PEET boot dryer to dry and deodorize at the same time.


Hurricane Safety System

Hurricane Safety System released several new treestand safety items at ATA: Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks, Treestand Powerstep, and Treestand Powergrab. The Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks are the first on the market of its kind. Available in a 16 and 20 foot, the unique gravity forward design shifts the hunter’s center of gravity forward resulting in a more balanced climb. The parallel steps allow the user to start on either foot comfortably and the wider, longer wave cut channel steps provide superior traction. The climbing sticks are built of an all-steel construction. The Treestand Powerstep and Treestand Powergrab assist the user in getting safely onto the treestand platform. The Powerstep securely mounts to the climbing stick step and can be set up for a left or right entry. The Powergrab mounts to the tree above the climbing sticks to offer a grab bag for security while transitioning from the ladder to the stand platform. The Powerbar can serve as a place to hang a backpack, rattling horns or other hunting gear while in the tree. Hurricane Safety System has several other safety items built with the hunter in mind.

Limbsaver Kodiak-Air Crossbow Sling

Not all crossbow slings are built alike…some are just makeshift slings to get you from point A to point B. The Limbsaver Kodiak-Air Crossbow Sling is definitely in its own class of superior crossbow slings. The NAVCOM Air Web pattern evenly distributes the weight of your crossbow on the shoulder. The Flex-Tech design allows the sling to comfortably conform to the shoulder. A customizable ergonomic hand grip locks securely into place to allow the user control. The rust-proof, high-strength composite Universal Quick Release System locks securely onto the crossbow with a simple press of the pin and is removed by firmly pushing the pin out. The Limbsaver Kodiak-Air Crossbow Sling is an all-weather sling that can handle freezing temperatures, snow, rain and offers superior breathability for warm-weather hunting. Available in black, camo, and OD green.


Sitka Gear for Women Hunters

Excellent news for those hardcore women hunters that have a hard time finding hunting clothes that hunt as hard as they do. Sitka Gear has released two new complete women’s lines of hunting clothes: the Big Game System and the Whitetail System. The Big Game System offers early to mid-season performance and provides the hunter with a complete layering system for customizing to their hunt. The Whitetail System is designed for late season with soft-face fabrics to ensure silence in frigid temperatures with performance layering options. The body-mapping insulation technology provides comfort even when temperatures dip. Sitka Gear’s reputation in providing a full line of quality gear for diehard hunters is now offered to those diehard women hunters. Sitka Gear didn’t cut any corners, they even brought in the experts, women hunters themselves. “Simply stated, the concept behind the women’s collection was to give female hunters a system that was functional for them. Fully committed to this process, we brought in accomplished female designers, pattern makers, and hunters from day one of its development.” Available Spring of 2017.


Alps Outdoorz NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest

Alps Outdoorz introduced the Grand Slam Standard Turkey Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomlands and with improvements from the Grand Slam X-Large introduced last year. The new Grand Slam Standard offers the same sit anywhere kickstand frame features with the improvements of new fast locking technology, larger swivel feet, a detachable diaphragm call pouch, and smartphone sleeve. The frame is detachable if hunting an area where the frame is not necessary. The NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest weighs six pounds and 14 ounces with the frame.


And, last but definitely not least, a product that isn’t archery related but was introduced at ATA and once this product was demonstrated to me, I had to have one for my turkey shotgun and my sporting clays shotgun.

Bore Boss Kits by Real Avid

This product was not really archery related, but just too cool not to mention. The new self-contained, single caliber compact cleaning system that is ultra-portable. Real Avid has modified the hard to store barrel cleaner into a single Flex-Case Handle that stores and integrates dual action cable, braided mop and phosphor bronze brush for easy carrying and access when needed. This easy to use Flex-Case allows the user to flip open the rubber handle, feed the action cable through the barrel, clip the action cable to the closed handle for a comfortable grip and pull through to thoroughly clean bore. Available in 10 choices from .22 caliber to 12 gauge at the economical price of $9.99 each.


There is definitely something that every archer or bowhunter wants or needs among the products introduced and/or showcased at the 2017 ATA Show. Some of the items are already on the market and others are planned to be released later this spring. There were so many great products that I am sure I am not the only one that can honestly say that I can’t put my finger on just one or two products that were my favorite.

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