Hawke Laser Rangefinder Pro 600 Review


Hawke Sport Optics Laser Rangefinder Pro 600 Offers Hunters Precision Shooting.

By Nancy Jo Adams

As an archery hunter, I know that my rangefinder is the most crucial piece of gear I can have on the hunt in hitting my mark. Some hunters have a gift of being able to judge distance accurately. On flat ground, I feel pretty confident about judging yardage. Add vast open areas with some hills and valleys or the elevation of a tree stand and these elements can throw off perception. It’s no secret angling shots can fail miserably. I know, I have experienced this firsthand.


The most important feature I look for in a quality rangefinder is that the unit is capable of compensating angles for situations such as shooting from elevated stands, higher ground, or uphill. It is also imperative that the rangefinder can withstand heat, frigid temperatures, damp weather, and dust, all with a rugged exterior for outdoor use.

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The Hawke Sport Optics Laser Rangefinder Pro LRF600 offers the features most important to hunters along with the quality that make the unit a perfect rangefinder for archery or firearm hunters.


The LRF600 weighs in at 6.3 ounces, measures 4.6” x 2.9”, and has an ergonomic design for easy use of the control buttons. The BK-7 prisms and multi anti-reflective lenses offer 6X magnification and a field of view of 366 feet at 1,000 yards with a 7° FOV angle. An adjustable diopter and twist-up cup of the 1” objective lens ensures a crisp, clear view with the proper eye relief. Measured distance readings are interchangeable and measured in meters, degrees, and yards displayed in three-digit formatting.

Rangefinding Modes

The LRF500 offers five modes:

  • Standard Mode: Measures a straight-line distance between the unit and the intended target.
  • Beeline Mode: Measures the horizontal distance to the intended target.
  • High Mode: Measures the height of the intended target in relation to the range finder.
  • High Mode: Measures the vertical distance between two points. This can be used when you want to measure the height differences between to vertical points.
  • Angle Mode: Measures the angle of projection to the nearest half degree. Downhill angles will reflect a minus symbol next to the angle display.

All modes offer a continuous distance reading by holding the ON button. The monochrome digital display is easy to read and contains all the important readings on one display, which includes mode, measured distance, angle, battery life, and laser level read out.


Features And What’s Included

The unit uses one CR2-3V battery for operation and can be operated in temperatures as low as -10° F. A battery save feature automatically shuts off the unit to ensure a long battery life. The Nitrogen purged, waterproof and fog proof LRF600 offers a unique exterior with a textured grip. A convenient zippered Neoprene case with a mini carabiner is included and makes it easy to clip the LRF600 to the exterior of your backpack, belt loop, or jacket for easy access.

The Hawke Sport Optics Laser Range Finder Pro LRF600 comes with wrist strap, carry case, a CR2 battery, lens cloth, instruction manual, and is covered by the Hawke Lifetime Warranty. The LRF600 is a quality, no-fail rangefinder that combines durability in the outdoors with all the features a hunter needs and is economically priced to fit into any hunter’s budget.


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