Leupold RX-1600i Laser Rangefinder


A middleweight in an excellent class of Leupold laser rangefinders.

Nothing quite prepares you for complex shots in hunting like a laser rangefinder. Aiming from distance is challenging beyond simply holding the rifle steady. Every breath of the wind and every extra yard between you and the target can decide everything. Today, let us take a look at RX-1600i rangefinder by Leupold and see how much it can help your shooting game.



Since the Leupold RX-1600i Rangefinder offers an OLED image rather than a purely optical view, it’s hard to evaluate the exact extent of its optical finesse at first. Still, the picture in the OLED display is very clear and offers high-contrast, even in poor lighting. So while other rangefinders rely solely on features like fully multi-coated glass to transmit light, the Leupold RX1600i can actually adjust light levels to meet your conditions. This ensures you’ll be able to track your target no matter the circumstances and be presented with readable data in the viewfinder.

When evaluating the optical quality of the RX-1600i, the Leupold-typical 6x magnification comes in handy. It is powerful enough for target acquisition yet still offers a wide field of view (315 feet at 1000 yards) to keep track of moving targets.

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Effective range

Effective range is a huge issue to consider when evaluating rangefinders. Many models promise outrageous reading distances, especially when measured on reflective targets. The thing is game in the field are never reflective, and therefore the total functional range of most rangefinders is reduced. The one exception to this rule is golf, which is another matter altogether. The maximum range of the Leupold RX-1600i is 1600 yards (hence the name), but this distance is only accurate only for reflective targets. Still, when ranging trees it serves you well out to 1200 yards and 900 yards for deer. That power should be enough for most hunters, even those that hunt in the wide open spaces of the west.


Very few of us routinely hunt on even ground. Because of this, the bullet trajectory won’t be the same if you shoot at an incline or decline angle. The gravity and air resistance will affect it differently, and just how much changes with every position. To compensate for this, Leupold outfits its RX rangefinders with ID (Incline/Decline) system. It utilizes the built-in inclinometer to measure not only line-of-sight but horizontal distance. This is really a must-have feature for any hunters that use a rangefinder.

True Ballistic Range + Wind

Speaking of bullet trajectory, there are other factors that can affect your shot aside from angle. Like the rest of the RX series Leupold rangefinders, the RX-1600i utilizes its TBR/W technology to account for several environmental factors. This solution not only corrects for wind, it also uses complex ballistic calculations instead of simple trigonometry. Of course this added complexity drives up the price point of Leupold RX models due to the calculating power needed. But rest assured, the true ballistic trajectory is a huge step forward from a linear approximation. This is truly a feature you don’t want to skimp on in a laser rangefinder.


Dependability and ease of use

The Leupold RX-1600i features just two buttons. You won’t need to reread the manual to memorize those. This rangefinder is adjustable for horizontal or line-of-sight range, and measurements can be adjusted to read in yards or meters. Leupold’s intuitive design allows you to control all those functions with just two buttons. The RX-1600i is waterproof, impact-resistant and fits great in your palm with or without gloves due to the rubber armoring.

Leupold RX-1600i Laser Rangefinder: Final Thoughts

There are rangefinders on the market that range farther away than the RX-1600i. But let’s be honest, how many hunters out there can hit a target on first attempt from over 2,000 yards? More so is such an approach even ethical? This rangefinder is a good intermediate option that is powerful enough to cover almost anyone’s needs. At the same time it is compact, easy to use and rugged enough for any environment. These factors and more are what sets the Leupold RX-1600i apart in a crowded Rangefinder market. Shop the Leupold RX-1600i and other quality Leupold Rangefinders at Gritroutdoors.com today.