Primos DoubleBull SurroundView Blind Review


Primos® DoubleBull® SurroundView™ Blinds – The Blind Without a Blind Spot™

By Nancy Jo Adams

New hunting blinds are introduced on the market every year, and many offer new features to make them more effective or convenient for hunters. This year was no exception with several brands introducing revolutionary features. One new release managing to outshine all the rest is the Primos DoubleBull® SurroundView™ Blind. The SurroundView blinds hold true to the products coined slogan: “The Blind Without a Blind Spot™.”

Hunting blinds can make an otherwise inaccessible area the perfect hunting spot. Not only are they mobile and easy to use, but they are also easy to brush-in and conceal for immediate use. The fact they can be used temporarily or even left out for an extended time makes a hunting blind ideal for many different scenarios. Hunting blinds are exceptionally functional for DIY public land hunting. There are several reasons some hunting blinds don’t make the perfect hunting solution. I discuss those reasons below, along with the features of the Primos DoubleBull® SurroundView™ blind that extinguishes those issues, resulting in the perfect hunting blind.


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Issue 1 – Cumbersome Set-Up and Inadequate Interior Space

One of the worst turkey hunts I have ever experienced was due to a cumbersome hunting blind. I was setting up predawn on the edge of a hayfield and, although the blind was a hub-style blind, one of the poles just would not cooperate. By the break of day, I was sitting in this blind with three solid walls and a concaved wall which happened to be the wall that the door was in. I was soaked in sweat, hot and frustrated. Among all the ruckus, I am pretty sure the birds I had roosted the night before were in the next forty after watching all of my shenanigans setting up this blind. If you can’t depend on a hunting blind being easy to set up, sometimes quickly, what good is it in the true sense of being a hunting blind?

The SurroundView™ blinds have the new Power Hub™ 2 Framework that is designed to align the rods up for quicker, easier set-up. It takes much less force to pop the roof and sides out, and the rods align perfectly allowing for tighter fabric on each side. The tighter fabric not only results in a more solid standing blind, but it also does not leave any material to ripple in the wind. The Power Hub™ 2 system allows an even easier breakdown of the blind. As with any hunting blind, it is always recommended to close all the windows and zip up all zippers before breaking down the hunting blind to stow in the carrying case.


The SurroundView™ is available in three sizes: the SurroundView™ 180°, the SurroundView™ 270°, and the SurroundView™ 360°. The large interior dimension on all three sizes of the SurroundView™ blinds give bowhunters and gun hunters ample room to move around in the blind without brushing the sides or feeling cramped or crowded. Even the baby of the bunch, the 180° model, has plenty of room for two persons comfortably. The 180° model has an ample 48” x 48” x 65” interior, the 270° model has a roomy 55” x 55” x 70” interior, and the 360° has a vast 60” x 60” x70” interior. For those hunters that have a camera person in tow with tripods and extra gear, the 270° or 360° model is recommended.

Issue 2 – Inadequate Concealment Results in Missed Opportunities

What hunter hasn’t experienced a missed opportunity for a shot from a hunting blind due to a blind spot? Or, who hasn’t been busted in a hunting blind because the game animal could see through the blind? It is a common occurrence. The thickness of the blind material is often not adequate enough to conceal a hunter in direct sunlight or if the skyline is in the backdrop. Other issues often experienced are with the exterior color and finish. Most often when hunting varying terrain during different seasons, the exterior color of many hunting blinds are not a good all-terrain blend. Often the finish of some fabrics is reflective in direct sunlight. There are a few hunting blinds I have used that the materials have faded in a brief period of time. Some have even faded within a week.


SurroundView™ blinds are constructed of top-quality materials that are a noticeably thicker grade when compared to most other brands. The heavier weight materials diminish wind flap on those days when the wind is lashing at your hunting blind. The Primos exclusive Truth® Camo offers a unique pattern that works well in any terrain during any season. The varied pattern of earth tone colors uses an exceptional depth of field variance designed to intermingle with its surroundings allowing for maximum concealment. Even with the quality heavier weight materials, when compared to other hunting blinds of similar size, the SurroundView™ blinds still weigh within that average weight, 19 pounds, 21 pounds, and 23 pounds respectfully.

Issue 3 – Ineffective Window Placement and Noisy Window System

Many hunting blinds fail in completely concealing the hunter while allowing easy access for the shot. Even though most hunting blinds are designed with windows or port access on at least three, if not all walls, some hunting blinds are still hard to open when you’re ready to make a shot. Another problem exists when the window system is not silent or easily adjustable. Some hunting blinds I’ve used require an entire area to be open to use a weapon in a particular window. Other times, hunting blinds don’t allow for easy adjustment for different chair heights. This not only leaves the hunter visible, but it also requires the hunter to move to prepare for the shot.


A Velcro® window system is not a good solution for a hunting blind. I discarded all of my hunting blinds with Velcro® as soon as new window systems were introduced to the market several years ago. It never failed that an animal would approach for the shot in an area that required you to peel apart the Velcro® material screen for a shot opportunity. The SurroundView™ 180° blind offers six shoot-through ports and two max openings; the 270° blind offers seven shoot-through ports and three max openings. Both blinds are designed with secure, easy to use hook-and-eye closures. The 360° blind provides a see-through surround wall with the patented DoubleBull® SilentSlide window adjustment.

As if the features mentioned above are not enough to make the Primos DoubleBull® SurroundView™ blind the premiere hunting blind currently on the market, it has a feature no other hunting blind has to offer. What sets this hunting blind apart from all the others?

Revolutionary SurroundView™ Technology

The feature that sets the Primos DoubleBull® SurroundView™ blind apart from any other brand is the one-way see-through fabric technology. The fabric in the viewing area of the SurroundView™ blind is designed with small triangular holes placed on the material. When viewing the blind from the exterior, this pattern causes the eye to see only the highlighted camo pattern against the dark interior. This makes anything inside the blind virtually invisible. When sitting in the dark interior of the blind, the eye is forced to view the brighter highlighted object on the black interior walls, which allows for a clear exterior view. Ingenious!


The SurroundView™ 180° blind offers two one-way see-through walls and two rear blackout walls. The 270° blind offers three one-way see-through walls and one rear blackout wall. Finally the 360° blind offers four one-way see-through walls with one moveable blackout wall resulting in a full 180° customizable shooting window.

Seeing the Primos DoubleBull® SurroundView™ blind when it was introduced for the first time at the Archery Trade Association Show earlier this year was extremely exciting. I could not wait to see what it would look like in the woods where it was designed to perform. It was definitely worth the wait; the view was even more impressive when I set it up outdoors on our hunting land in preparation for opening weekend. The rugged design and quality materials of the SurroundView™ blind, along with the product’s limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in materials and/or workmanship for the life of the blind, I look forward to the many seasons hunting out of this blind.


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