Sitka Gear Equinox Jacket Review


By Jason Reid

Have you ever sweated profusely on your way to a tree stand? If so, you need to listen up. Early season whitetail hunting is synonymous with fickle deer movement based on feeding patterns, heat, and mosquitoes. The Equinox Jacket and Pants from Sitka Gear provide a quality lightweight option for withstanding the early to mid season demands of hunting whitetails.

The Sitka Equinox Jacket is a quintessential part of the overall whitetail layering system which is applied as the weeks drift further into the fall season. This jacket is designed to be the second layer after a base layer for controlling the temperature of your body in the field. Form-fitting, the materials are 4-way stretch keeps from binding to your arms, especially when drawing. Although whitetail hunting equals staying still for extended periods of time, the jacket is designed for flowing with movement.  Albeit a simple layer, it features a range finder pocket, zippered hand, and chest pocket an well as a safety harness pass through in the back of the coat.


The Sitka Gear Equinox Pants fill much of the same functions as the jacket. The pants can take you from early September hunting through the middle of the season when coupled with the correct next-to-skin base layer. The Equinox pants have spacious cargo pockets for carrying accessories, which is ideal for the hunter liking to travel lightly. These pants were made for sitting since they are slightly heavier when compared to other pants in the Sitka line. However, they are still made with the 4-way stretch material which allows for freedom of movement when hiking and is extremely comfortable for those all-day sits mid season.

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The Equinox line features the Elevated II Optifade pattern. The whitetail specific pattern is a darker layering of pixels mixed with greens and grays, the pattern blends well among the green foliage of the early season but melds perfectly with the gray hue of the barren trees in November. This pattern does well from the whitetail woods through spring turkey season.

My personal experience with the Equinox system has resulted in positive experiences. I can use this system so far into the season and simply add to it to stay warm. It is the key to efficiency. Efficient clothing for hunting whitetails is two concepts which have only recently taken the world of hunting by storm. As a part of my layering system in the cold times of the year, the Equinox Jacket and pants help retain my heat with less bulk which makes me far more confident in hunting longer. Although this jacket and pants system is not meant for sitting through torrential downpours, it does wick posture from its surface easily. The fabric is Polyester Stretch-Woven and is quiet when walking and while going through brush. While stalking deer, this material is deadly.

The Equinox system is one part of the overall system to make you a better deer hunter. Easy to store in your tote, the Equinox system is a must-have for any serious deer hunter.