Sitka Gear Redline Shirt Review


By Pete Rogers

In the world of performance apparel, the field is getting clogged with a lot of copycat manufacturers, many of which are subpar, to say the least. It seems that since this sub-genre of clothing started, more and more manufacturers are getting into the market.

A little over a decade ago, Sitka Gear introduced a line of hunting clothing that was so superior to other brands, they immediately stood out. They did not just make camouflage clothing; they reinvented the garment industry with such attention to detail that nothing has ever come close to their pursuit of perfection in every aspect of their clothing.


For several years, I have been a strong proponent of Sitka Gear. Ever since seeing it at a trade show several years ago, I have begun to understand how a clothing line can be so superior. Like many other outdoorsmen, I balked at the price, that is until I dug into the nuances of how they are made.

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Sitka Gear Training, Travel And Workwear

Enter 2018 and Sitka Gear has introduced a new line for the year-round hunter and traveling sportsman. Their new Training, Travel and Workwear (TTW) line is designed to keep the sportsman cool, comfortable, and protected, while doing all of the things we do during the off season. Hunting is a year-round lifestyle. Sitka has embraced this and is now offering the same technology in their TTW line that they have had in their hunting line for years. One of the key aspects is that it is not just another performance shirt or pant. It is far better than that.


Sitka Gear Redline Shirt

The Sitka Gear Redline Shirt is a performance shirt that comes in both short and long sleeve versions. This shirt is built for those summer days when the mercury is boiling out of the thermometer. In fact, it is designed to use sweat to its advantage. The featherlight, ultra-soft shirt is perfect for enduring days afield in the summer sun. Featuring the Polygiene® Odor Control, the Redline will keep you cool, comfortable and scent-free. It’s a great option when you are on the job, training for a sheep hunt, or planting food plots ahead of the season.

Mesh Side Panels / Polygiene® Odor Control

One feature I especially like is the mesh side panels. The air flow through these panels keeps your core cool and helps to maintain a safe body temperature. The 100% polyester interlock knit offers great wicking ability and maximum ventilation to keep you cool and dry. The Polygiene® Odor Control Technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


UPF 30+ Protection

The Sitka Gear Redline Shirt is more than a performance T-shirt, it is a hot weather shirt that blends the technology of the Sitka Gear brand into a working shirt for those off-season activities hunters participate in all year. The long-sleeve version provides a full UPF 30+ protection from the sun. Whether you are on the farm, hiking through the desert or atop a mountain, this shirt has you covered and protected.

Color Options

The long-sleeve version is available in four colors ranging from Adobe, Granite, Lichen and stone blue. The short-sleeve version comes in Lichen, Midnight and Shadow colors. And the price point is in line with the quality you receive from this brand. The short sleeve version starts at $49 while the long sleeve version is available for $59.


Final Thoughts

Living in the South, where the temperatures and humidity are competing with one another to see which can be higher than the other, I prefer the long-sleeve version for the extra protection it provides. However, the short sleeve has its place for the cool evenings, and early morning outings before the sun gets too high in the sky.

The Sitka Gear Redline Shirts add to the excellent line of clothing provided by Sitka Gear, and they certainly keep in line with their slogan: “Turning Clothing into Gear.”