Kizer Knives – Popular Models


By Alexander Naumovich

Here at, we carry two primary types of knives: hunting knives and every day carry (EDC) knives. A hunting knife must have excellent cutting capability, a robust design and corrosion resistance. An EDC knife’s biggest asset is its compact design, although a sharp, reliable blade is just as important for EDC tasks.

Kizer Knives are mostly folding knives of both types. Whether you’re a hunter, an outdoors chef, or just a prepared citizen, there’s a Kizer knife just for you out there. Today Kizer offers several fresh models for both hunting and EDC. Let’s take a closer look at some of them!

Vanguard Begleiter

The Kizer Vanguard Begleiter is a drop point EDC folding knife with a 3.6” blade and a slim handle design. This knife is a great option for a variety of tasks, but the relatively long drop point blade is larger than some EDC blades, which may be a plus for some users who want a full-sized folding knife.



The shape of the Kizer Megatherium folding knife gives away its unusual purpose. The blade’s width allows for a gentle slope and, as a result, a lot of sharpness potential. This makes the Megatherium perfect for slow, precision slicing motions. If you love not only hunting, but also cooking outdoors, the Megatherium will soon be your camp knife of choice.


Feist (Justin Lundquist design)

The Kizer Feist blade’s design is in a way opposite to that of the Begleiter. In the Begleiter, the tip is slightly above the blade’s axis which makes it better for piercing tasks. The Feist’s blade tip is below the axis, which makes the cutting edge straighter and easier to maintain. This design by Justin Lundquist utilizes a Titanium handle which cuts weight and provides added strength. This way Kizer makes sure all parts stand up to the challenges of EDC and field use.


T1 Titanium Knife

The Kizer T1 is perhaps their most refined EDC knife with a sleek, lightweight titanium handle. It features a drop point 3.2in steel blade and a more complex handle design. The integrated lanyard hole makes for a perfect retention spot and the built-in clip offers yet another option for attaching the knife to your apparel. This sleek knife offers a slim profile and the option of one-handed operation.


What Sets Kizer Knives Apart

Choice of Tools and Techniques

Every stage of the Kizer manufacturing process is a reminder that this company likes to do things the hard, and right way. They utilize slower precision methods and more expensive tools like high speed CNC Milling machines instead of lasers or water jets. This raises costs but results in a finer milling quality that immediately makes a difference when you start testing your knife in a real-life scenario.

CPM-S35VN Stainless Steel

Introduced in 2009 as an improvement on the existing S30V steel, this stainless steel reduces the problem of edge chipping that would often plague S30V. This means you’re less likely to encounter blade chipping and failure, both during use and blade sharpening. The ultimate result? You can have a sharper blade.

Prime Materials

Kizer blades are made of quality materials meant to perform. This is an important aspect not to be overlooked as these knives are supposed to have your back at all times. Everything that should move moves smoothly within its intended range of motion and everything that shouldn’t is fixed securely in place. Kizer uses materials manufactured in the United States and Japan to create knives built to handle anything.

Manual Finish

Assembly line production is often preferable since it negates human error. But at the end of the manufacturing process, as Kizer puts that final touch on the knife, that’s when they start working by hand. From fitting components together, to putting a finish on materials, and sharpening and testing the edge – all of this is done manually so the knife looks, works and feels handcrafted.

Distinguishing Kizer Knives

Kizer knives are not among the cheapest options on the market, and after looking at their robust feature sets, it’s easy to see why. They open and close smoothly and strictly within the intended range of motion. No surface that’s designed to be touched slips and no part of the blade edge chips. Every detail feels like a handcrafted custom knife. If you’re looking for a quality hunting or EDC pocket knife, Kizer is a great place to start your search.