Sitka Gear Territory Pant

By Pete Rogers

At this year’s SHOT® show in Las Vegas, I wandered into the booth of Sitka Gear, a long-time favorite of mine. Sitka Gear has revolutionized the idea of “Turning Clothing into Gear®.” Their designers and engineers seem to pull the thoughts of hunters and outdoorsmen and women, and incorporate them into their clothing. The smallest details are considered and included in every aspect of their clothing, including the Sitka Gear Territory Pant that we’ll look at today.


Training Travel And Workwear

One of the new products they introduced at SHOT® this year was their new Training, Travel and Workwear line of clothing. Known as TTW, this line of clothing addresses the everyday needs of outdoorsmen and women who participate in activities other than the actual hunt. From training for hunts, scouting, and traveling to and from hunts, Sitka decided that these folks need high quality clothing to complete the task.

Recently I was able to test the Sitka Gear Territory Pant and the Redline shirt (more on the Redline™ in a future story). The Sitka Gear Territory Pant immediately looks and feels different than any other pant I own (other than my Sitka Gear®). The material feels different. A complex mixture of nylon and spandex and other proprietary materials gives the pant stretch for a full range of motion. The material dries quickly and resists abrasions often found when afield, never binding or bulking. The gusseted crotch eliminates the venerable “pinch” many guys feel when squatting, sitting or stretching. Likewise, the articulated knees prevent binding behind the knee when sitting or squatting.

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Sitka Gear Territory Pant Features

The Sitka Gear Territory Pant allows air circulation and dries rapidly when it does get wet, which is seldom due to the water repellency. Available in both clay (tan) and shadow (grey), the pant is something that can be worn while planting food plots in the summer, shed hunting in late winter or sitting on an airplane destined for your next adventure.

The pants have a five-pocket design with a zippered, secured pocket on the right above the patch pocket in the back to protect your belongings while traveling or afield. Along with leg tool pockets, the Sitka Gear Territory Pant offers plenty of room for essentials when traveling. Pocket protectors at the corner of the front pockets allow for knife clips without damaging the material.

On a personal note, I would prefer the secure zipper pocket on the left or both sides, since men tend to carry their wallets on the left. It makes for an uncomfortable ride with the wallet on the wrong side.

The Sitka Gear Territory short is complimentary to the pant. Offering the same mix of materials and colors, the Territory Short comes with zippered front pockets to secure items while on the trail. The Short is the perfect short for summer hikes, scouting trips or any outdoor recreational activities. The Territory short comes in clay and shadow, just like its counterpart long version, and is the perfect compliment for the active lifestyle.


Final Thoughts

Sitka really did their homework when they came out with this new TTW line of premium clothing. I am sure my closet will fill up soon with some of these fine clothes that will not only do their job in the field, but stand out in the gym and along the travel routes we enjoy.