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Top Wakeboards of 2024: Expert Picks and Reviews

Summer is approaching much faster than we realize, and so are the best months for wakeboarding. Every pursuer of this exciting watersport knows how important it is to pick a wakeboard that will suit your style and proficiency level. If you are only thinking about taking up wakeboarding and are in the market for your first board, this is also the place for you. Here’s our list of Top Wakeboards of 2024.

Best for Beginners

Beginners are the most likely group to search for guides on wakeboards, so it’s only fitting to give them the answers they seek right away. Getting an ill-fitting board for your first ride can spoil the whole experience and disrupt your enthusiasm for wakeboarding. Nobody needs that, so here are the two options you can go with.

Hyperlite State 2.0

Hyperlite State 2

The first thing that catches the eye of a seasoned wakeboarder is the unique asymmetrical design of the State 2.0. The board has shorter toe-side edges and special footbed risers that encourage you to lean into your turns comfortably. Plainly speaking, it’s designed to make the learning process as easy as possible, mostly by gently guiding you into mastering those tricky toe-side edges without the usual struggles. Its design helps you get comfortable on the water faster, so you can start enjoying wakeboarding and improving your skills right away.

To further facilitate the learning process, the board makes it much easier to keep your balance. It’s built to give you a stable ride, so you won’t find yourself wobbling or losing balance easily. The increased stability won’t be able to catch you when you’re about to fall, but it can definitely decrease your chances of doing so, making the initial rides more about fun and less about wipeouts.

Hyperlite State 2.0

Durability is another huge plus with this board. Thanks to the Biolite 3 Core and layered glass laminates, you’re getting a wakeboard that’s not only light but also capable of withstanding the tests of time and use. As you practice and grow, the board will remain as lively and responsive as day one. Even when you eventually outgrow it, it will remain a reliable partner you can always return to.

Obviously, it’s not without its drawbacks. Truth be told, the very things that make it good for beginners make it a secondary choice for more advanced users. While this wakeboard excels in helping beginners learn and progress, more experienced riders might find its features limiting.

hyperlite state wakeboard

It’s designed to offer stability and ease of use, which might not cater to the needs of advanced riders looking for high performance and technical capabilities. The asymmetrical design, while beneficial for learning, might feel odd at first to those used to traditional boards. Of course, it’s all a matter of getting used to the feel. Once you do, it’s nothing but smooth sailing.

Long story short, the Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of wakeboarding. It offers a mix of stability, durability and user-friendly features that come together to provide a learning experience that’s as enjoyable as it is effective. While it may not cater to the high-flying antics of more seasoned riders, for those just starting out, it promises a solid foundation to build upon.

Top Wakeboards of 2024: Expert Picks and Reviews

HYPERLITE State 2.0 Wakeboard With Frequency OSFA Binding

Ronix Vault Textured

ronix vault

The Ronix Vault is more versatile than the Hyperlite State 2.0, though still made with a focus on beginner wakeboarders. It’s designed to support you whether it’s your very first time on a wakeboard or you’re already confident performing those jumps and landings. This board grows with you, offering stability and ease of use that adapts to your skill level.

The increased stability of this board is a game-changer for anyone who still lacks confidence standing on a wakeboard. The Ronix Vault makes it easy to get up on the water, making those first attempts less intimidating and more invigorating. With minimal effort required to start, it ensures your wakeboarding experience is enjoyable from the get-go.

ronix vault wakeboard

The Ronix Vault also boasts an asymmetrical rail line which significantly simplifies cutting and carving through the water. Its unique fin setup—with shorter fins on the heel side and longer fins on the toe side—provides exceptional stability and builds confidence, especially when jumping the wake. The 3-Stage Rocker design feature gives you that extra boost needed to launch off the wake, making your learning curve not just steep, but also thrilling. It’s like having a little extra bounce in your step, propelling you forward and upward with every wake.

Constructed with a foam core and wrapped in fiberglass, the Ronix Vault is also built to last. It’s a solid board that will be there for anything from your initial falls to your successful jumps.

ronix vault wakeboards

While the Ronix Vault is more versatile than Hyperlite State 2.0, advanced riders might still need a board with more additional features for complex tricks and higher performance. Advanced users are still likely to find it adequate, so if you’re not a fan of collecting stuff, this board will serve you throughout two proficiency levels.

In a nutshell, the Ronix Vault Textured is an outstanding wakeboard for beginners and advanced users alike. Its blend of stability, ease of use and performance-oriented features makes it not a mere tool for learning but a long-term companion on the water. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, the Ronix Vault will support you at every wave and every jump.

RONIX Vault Textured White/Black

RONIX Vault Textured White/Black Wakeboard

Best For Intermediate Riders

Ronix District Modello Core

ronix district bindings

If you’ve already seen some waves and done many jumps, you might want to opt for something outside the beginner’s league. The Ronix District Modello Core wakeboard is crafted with an all-purpose shape and a hybrid rocker profile. This combination ensures solid carves, predictable takeoffs, and the ability to perform explosive wake-to-wake jumps with ease. It’s designed to be easy to ride but also highly responsive when you’re ready to push your limits.

With an energy rating of 5, this board balances the need for stored energy and instant energy beautifully. This means you get more time to generate lift from the board’s tip to its tail, ensuring a powerful takeoff. At the same time, it delivers a quick lift and snaps off the wake thanks to its instant energy properties, which makes each jump more thrilling than the previous one.

ronix district wakeboards

The durability of the Modello Core cannot be overstated. It’s the most durable core in the Ronix line, offering a blend of lightweight performance, toughness and affordability. This ensures your board remains a long-term investment in your wakeboarding progression.

The board also features variable rails for versatility and a low friction base developed specifically for glide speed in high-end boat boards. This means smoother rides and better performance, especially when cutting through the water at high speeds.

ronix district

It’s important to keep in mind that this board is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced riders. While it offers great versatility, beginners are likely to find it a bit challenging to handle initially due to its design optimized for progression and performance. Given its unique blend of features, it usually requires some adaptation, even if not lengthy. You will definitely need some time to fully exploit the board’s capabilities and tailor your style to leverage its full potential. But it’s all worth it in the end.

RONIX District Modello

RONIX District Modello Core

Best for Advanced Riders

Ronix RXT Blackout

ronix rxt wakeboard

If you are a master wakeboarder, the chances are you don’t need guides like this to tell you which board to choose. But, for the sake of completeness, we do need to cover a wakeboard that true masters can appreciate. The Ronix RXT Blackout seems like an obvious choice since it is designed specifically for advanced riders.

This board incorporates RONIX’s exclusive Blackout Technology. It’s constructed with unique materials, known only to a few engineers at the Radar Lake lab. This technology enables the board to ride faster, ensure softer landings, fly longer distances and react quicker to your movements. The result is a high-performance board that delivers on every front of advanced riding.

ronix rxt

Over 1.5lbs were shed from this model compared to its previous iteration, all thanks to new foam and several undisclosed ingredients. This lighter design translates into easier handling, quicker air transitions and an overall more responsive wakeboarding experience. It also allows for more nimble movements and grants the ability to correct your position with less effort.

The RXT features RONIX’s fastest rockerline yet, providing more momentum out into the flats and smooth, predictable takeoffs. With this continuous rocker comes a smoother glide up the wake that allows riders to carry more speed through the transition and land tricks farther out, all without sacrificing the snap off the wake.

ronix rxt blackout

Whether you approach the wake flat or on the rail, the RXT adapts seamlessly to your style. It offers explosive lift and uninterrupted fast takeoffs for those who ride flat into the wake. For those who ride on rail, it provides smooth transitions and effortless landings.

The addition of a finite insert pack allows stance options to be 25% closer than its predecessor, catering to riders seeking a very specific stance width. If you are an advanced rider looking to fine-tune your setup, you should be able to appreciate this feature.

Of course, the RXT Blackout is designed with advanced wakeboarders in mind, so beginners will almost certainly find this board challenging to handle. Its responsive nature is a blessing in the right hands (or should we say feet) and a curse in incapable ones. Opt for this board only if you can handle the intensity of fast, lightweight wakeboards.

Best for Heavier Riders

Hyperlite Rusty Pro

hyperlite rusty pro board

The Hyperlite Rusty Pro is a big guy that tackles the needs of two groups of wakeboarders: those with more experience and those that lean on the heavier side. Designed with input from a pro wakeboarder Rusty Malinoski himself, this wakeboard proves that wide doesn’t necessarily mean heavy when it comes to boards.

Despite its wide surface area, this board maintains a light weight-to-size ratio. It’s engineered to handle the same mass on your feet while offering increased surface area for better control, leverage and floatation. This means you get a wakeboard that remains easy to maneuver without sacrificing the stability or buoyancy of a wider board.

hyperlite rusty pro wakeboard

The rocker line of the Hyperlite Rusty Pro adds a bit more kick, a feature that many experienced riders will definitely appreciate. It transitions to a slightly exaggerated tip and tail rocker, creating added pop without losing speed into the wake. For heavier riders, this translates to easier, more explosive lift-offs and smoother landings. Thanks to advancements in board construction, the overall weight of the boards has been reduced, allowing the swing weight to stay minimal. The board’s base design disperses water on impact, resulting in softer landings.

This Biolite 3 Core is Hyperlite’s lightest and most durable formula to date. It’s the industry gold standard, ensuring that despite a rider’s weight, the board remains buoyant and responsive. Layered Glass and Monocoque Construction further boost the durability and long-term performance of the board. The layered glass keeps the board’s pop year after year, while monocoque construction enhances side impact resistance, an important factor for rougher landings which are more common with heavier riders.

hyperlite rusty pro

Though suitable for heavier riders, the Rusty Pro is also tailored for experienced wakeboarders. As such, beginners and light-weighted wakeboarders may initially find this board quite challenging. Its features and responsiveness are geared toward those who have developed basic wakeboarding skills and seek to further advance their performance. This specialization can also be seen in its fins. With 0.7″ SS Beam 4-Pack fins, this board is designed to provide a looser feel, which might require adjustment for those not used to the sensation.

Best for Lighter Riders

Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight

ronix quarter til midnight wakeboard

Having covered one part of the spectrum, it is only fair to turn to the other one. The RONIX Quarter ‘Til Midnight is a wakeboard that’s been crafted with precision to cater specifically to lightweight riders and women. Whereas it’s not deprived of a certain feminine elegance, it can work for anyone looking for a wakeboard for lightweight riders. It’s not a beginner board, mind you, so it will require some adaptation.

However, once you adapt to the board, it will return the favor. The RONIX Quarter ‘Til Midnight adapts seamlessly to your riding style, whether you’re just cruising or going for high-speed cuts. You can expect smooth, low-maintenance turns as well as opportunities for wide-open, explosive actions. Lighter riders often find heavier boards less responsive, but Quarter ‘Til Midnight is as responsive as they get.

quarter til midnight ronix

Featuring a hybrid 3-stage rocker, this board stores energy, allowing for a quick kick and pop off the wake. The takeoffs are pretty easy and predictable, and they come in a package with easy-to-execute sharp turns.

Thanks to its foam and glass construction, the Quarter ‘Til Midnight is lighter than many boards and features a thinner profile. With its Modello core, the board is both durable and capable of delivering an adaptive riding experience. The core contributes to the board’s lighter feel while ensuring it maintains its strength and responsiveness, ideal for riders looking for a comfortable yet performance-oriented board.

ronix quarter til midnight

This wakeboard is designed for smooth riding and explosive pops, perfect for lightweight riders looking to improve their tricks and jumps. Its construction ensures that landings are softer and reduces the impact on joints, which makes it a great choice for longer wakeboarding sessions.

RONIX Quarter 'Til Midnight

RONIX Quarter ‘Til Midnight  Wakeboard

How to Choose a Wakeboard

Instead of following our advice and looking for specific models, you can also arm yourself with the knowledge of how to choose a wakeboard and do it yourself. After all, we didn’t pick those boards randomly. Here are the characteristics you can focus on when choosing a wakeboard yourself.

Wakeboard Length

The ideal wakeboard size depends largely on your weight and riding style. Manufacturers provide specific sizing recommendations, so start there. If your wakeboard will be shared, base your choice on the heaviest or most frequent rider. Keep in mind:

Shorter Wakeboards

Offer easier spins and maneuvers in the air but are slower and require more energy to push through the water. They’re also harder to land due to decreased surface area.

Longer Wakeboards

Easier for beginners as they provide more control, faster movement through the water due to increased surface area, and softer landings.

Ability Level

Wakeboards are designed with all skill levels in mind. Your experience doesn’t necessarily limit your board choices; it’s more about finding the right size.

Beginner & Intermediate

Look for boards with continuous or gentle 3-stage rockers. These boards are typically priced for recreational use.


These boards come in a variety of styles. Familiarize yourself with the features to find a board that complements your riding style.


Designed for those performing complex tricks, these boards have aggressive rockers and are less forgiving.

Wakeboard Rocker and Riding Style

Continuous Rocker

Offers smooth, fast rides and is great for carving and generating speed.

3-Stage Rocker

Provides more pop off the wake but can feel slower and less efficient in water due to its distinct planes.

Hybrid Rocker

A blend between continuous and 3-stage, offering varied benefits such as smoothness or pop.


Inspired by ski and snowboard designs, allows for a more centered ride and changes your weight distribution on water.

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