ATA Offers Entrepreneurs/New Companies the Opportunity to Showcase Products


By Nancy Jo Adams

While the Greatest Show on Earth, the Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus was announcing its’ demise and permanent closure, another show was coming to an end: the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show. As fans around the world were heart struck with the news of the closing of the Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus, ATA attendees were leaving the archery world’s “grand emporium” thoroughly spent, sore, and tired. Yet everyone was still intoxicated with the excitement of the new and improved products in the industry. Fortunately, for the latter, there is next year to look forward to.

The Innovation Zone is always a good first stop on the showroom floor, a special area for entrepreneurs and new companies/manufacturers in the industry to showcase their products. This year, all 36 spaces were sold out by the end of September and it was evident why. A lot of great archery products were showcased. Here are several favorites found while perusing what these innovative entrepreneurs and new companies had on display.

Antler Action Remote Rattle by Antler Action Products

Antler Action Remote Rattle is designed to emit sound naturally from the ground. Not only is this an advantage to the hunter because it simulates a true buck fight, it also does not require all the movement of using rattling horns in the stand. The product is designed to strap to a tree below a stand or a nearby tree to a blind, a small kite string like chord serves as the control line that runs to the hunters stand or blind. Simple 2 inch pulls on the control line does all the work to activate the non-electronic rattle. The hunter is free to vary the speed and intensity of the pulls to create the scenario that will be most effective in the area and time of the season they’re hunting. The lightweight unit can be worn hands-free on the hunter’s hip when stalking and a slight pull on the top chord does the work.


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Now you can do away with those annoying slings that are not ideal for stalking. The Bowsnatcher is a hands-free, universal carrying system for compound bows or rifles that easily attaches to a backpack and stores the weapon securely at close reach. The lightweight Bowsnatcher attaches to a backpack with a pin or a clip style closure. It incorporates a wheel in the unique housing and a small metal attachment screwed onto the weapon, offering a reliable way to carry your bow hands-free. The entire unit can fit in the palm of a hand and weighs less than 10 ounces. The Bowsnatcher will change the way sportsman carry their weapons making it easier to stalk hunt with quicker access to their bows and rifles.

Elk Reel

This revolutionary game call is going to make it possible for any hunter to make realistic animal vocalizations. There is not an open reed in the design and it allows the user to make soft or loud calls easily, hands-free with virtually no movement. The calls are made out of sheets of hardwood, such as oak, maple, hickory, white ash, walnut, and ziricote for superior acoustic quality and other call manufacturing products. Reel Game Calls make consistent sounds regardless of environmental situations such as cold or hot temperatures, high humidity, moisture, snow, or rain. The unique design of the call long outlasts any mouth reed and it is easier to keep accessible. The calls are available for elk, buck, and turkey and are economically priced.

FieldTorq Field Dressing Super Tool

The FieldTorq is the safest field dressing tool available that incorporates a gut hook, pelvic bone splitter, and utility knife all in one tool. The patented design of two opposing blades, blade edges facing each other, with just the right amount hook on one blade to insure safe use and prevent accidental cuts. The unique design gives the user precise cutting accuracy, guarding against unwanted puncture into the big games stomach or intestines. Sharpening the ¼” high carbon stainless steel blades of the FieldTorq is as easy as pulling the blade through a fillet knife sharpener for the entire radius of the cutting edge. Included with the FieldTorq Knife are a black 1680 Denier ballistic nylon sheath, ceramic sharpener, Torq Assist and an instructional diagram.


GA Cell Phone Mount by Ground Attack Hunting Products

Ground Attack Hunting Products has made it simple and safe to mount a cell phone to a bow and film hunts or to use as the hunter view camera. A lightweight anodized mount attaches to any portion of your bow riser and the rubber holder attaches to the anodized mount in a way that a cell phone rests securely in it. It fits a multitude of phone styles. The anodized mount is available in black, olive drab, blue, gold, orange, purple, red and plain metal. An innovative way to quickly secure a phone to your bow for videoing your hunt.


Hardy Facepaint

Hardy Facepaint is not your typical facepaint. The formula is safe and gentle to the skin and will not clog pores. The ingredients do not include a lot of the harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, alcohol BHT/BHA, sulfates, gluten, synthetic dyes, fragrances or other toxic ingredients that you find in similar brand products currently on the market. The convenient wand applicator smooths on the non-greasy, water-based formula that dries fast. No smudging and the product is water and sweat-resistant. The product is easy to remove with a face cloth without harsh scrubbing or skin staining. Hardy Facepaint is available in three popular hunting colors, black, brown and green and packaged in a convenient 21ml tube with an application wand built into the cap. The product with not freeze in your backpack or blind bag.

Scent Ballz

Scent Ballz is a new scent disbursement system that allows the hunter to put out a measured amount of scent in a convenient round capsule style scent product. The product is easy to put out, without requiring the user to mix, spray or touch the product and it is moisture absorbing so it lasts a longer period of time with each application. The 100% biodegradable product is safe for animals, people and the environment. The product comes in buck, doe and coyote urine-based scent as well as food-based scents and a human scent cover. EverScent hanging scent dispensers are also available for convenient hanging. For longer lasting scent in your honey-hole, you will find convenience in long-lasting, Scent Ballz.


Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal offers a new, lightweight, high-performance thermal-imaging camera that operates from most IOS or Android smartphones and the free Seek mobile app. The CompactXR has a 20° field-of-view that can detect thermal-imagery up to 1,800 feet (600 yards) with an adjustable focus. Customizable performance settings can be programmed in. The unit has a fast start up so you won’t miss any footage. Seek Thermal can be used to scout, track and recover game animals where it is legal. The unit operates in total darkness with a temperature detection range of -40° F. to 626° F. Records photos and videos directly to the smartphone when in the capture setting. Photos and videos can be shared directly from the Seek mobile app to email, text and/or social media. No batteries are required for operation. The unit weighs .5 ounces and comes with a waterproof storing and carrying case.


After visiting the Innovation Zone, next on the agenda was to visit the main trade show floor. With the seemingly endless announcements leading up to ATA of the products being released this year, it proved to be hard work to peruse all of the products on display.

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