HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial for Crossbows Review


By Nancy Jo Adams

A few years ago, I found myself sitting in my chiropractor’s office two months before the opening day of the Missouri archery season. I remember the defeat I felt when my chiropractor said, and rather sternly: “No archery!” After a few moments of debating, he agreed that I could use a crossbow. As soon as I left his office, I was on the internet researching crossbows and had one chosen before sundown. That soon led me to the HHA Sports Optimzer I’m reviewing today.


Anxiety in the Field

I had no experience at all with a crossbow. I remember the apprehension I felt about pulling the trigger the first time. The crossbow was so intimidating to me; cocking it, carrying it, shooting it…all of it! Then there was the scope. It was similar to my muzzleloader scope but with different circle-style reticles for yardage. I was feeling overwhelmed; after all, this wasn’t a choice. If I wanted to hunt opening week of the Missouri archery season, I had to do it with a crossbow.

When the time came, I carried that crossbow to the stand with me all four days of that Missouri hunt. Every sit in the stand I was repeatedly reminding myself of each scope reticle yardage. It was like a broken record, and one that left me feeling anxious. While I was hunting in Missouri, my husband guided a hog hunt in Alabama where a youth had a crossbow equipped with an HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial. Before I ever mentioned to him about the constant rehearsal of yardages and incessant ranging with my rangefinder, he was explaining the HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial. We both agreed that the HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial was the perfect crossbow scope solution for me.

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Perfect Scope Solution – HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial

The HHA Sports™ Optimizer Speed Dial integrates a standard Picatinny rail with the crossbow’s Picatinny rail. An elevating mechanism system, adjustable by a polished aluminum dial, allows for dialing in the incremental yardage. The Speed Dial is compatible with any scope that uses Weaver mounts so that you can use your favorite brand’s scope. The black finish of the rail, aluminum dial, and dial lock coordinates well with most crossbow rails. HHA Sports™ offers the Optimizer Speed Dial to use with your favorite scope, or the Optimizer Speed Dial with a Hawke single crosshair scope or Vortex single reticle scope pre-installed. Both of these options offer green and red multi-level illuminated reticles.

The Optimizer easily installs on the existing Picatinny rail of any crossbow with a three bolt design that requires no customization. The rail is adjustable to modify eye relief of the scope. If you are using a TenPoint Crossbow with the ACU Draw, a spacer is required that is sold separately. Installation, setup and sighting-in the Speed Dial is simple and straightforward with the patented tape technology. I was able to do it in less than a couple hours at the range.

Dial-in Accuracy in the Field

The speed dial system is easy to use. It allows you to range your target, dial-in the exact yardage, and use one crosshair to make the shot. The brass indicator can be seen on the dial wheel when dialing in yardage on the hatched yardage increments – 1-yard increments and numbered 5-yard increments in colors easy to see, even in low light. There is no more guessing when your target is not that perfect whole yard. With the Speed Dial, you set the exact yardage for the ideal shot.

With the additional option of adding lighted LED reticles in either green or red, this sight system is perfect for hunting from ground blinds, elevated stands, or in low-light situations. The elimination of multiple reticles with one central aiming point is a huge advantage, especially in the heat of the moment when an accurate shot is essential. No more holdover, no more guessing, no more gapping. All you have to do is range the target, dial in the yardage with the easy to read aluminum dial, use one crosshair as your aim point, and shoot. We were so impressed with the HHA Sports™ Optimizer Speed Dial’s accuracy and ease of use that we installed the system on all of our crossbows. The HHA Sports™ Optimizer Speed Dial is everything a crossbow hunter could dream for an easy to use, accurate sighting system.

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