TruGlo Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro Review


By Pete Rogers

If you were to look at the sight housing on my hunting bow, you would be confused by the set-up. Crammed inside this housing are seven pins set from 20-80 yards. Some are so close it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. Like many hunters from decades ago, we began by shooting instinctively and gradually moved to using archery sights. It started with one pin, then another and another, and finally we added a peep sight to increase accuracy, and so on. Like many others, I was reluctant to change from the comfort of what I trusted and knew. I have shot multi-pin sights for going on thirty years, and I have been successful with the sights I have been using. Why change now?


Alternatives To Single Pin Sights

Bowhunting is a decidedly personal sport. Bowhunters are passionate about every aspect of their gear and routine. They tend to be reluctant to stray too far from something they have a lot of confidence in – specifically, when it comes to the critical elements of their equipment.

Bowhunters are loyal to their bow brands, arrows, sights and rests. So, when a new sight comes along that challenges all we have known, it pushes the envelope for bowhunters and tends to make them uncomfortable.

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Personally, I have always used a single moveable pin for target archery. Almost all archers do. But when it comes to bowhunting, I have been hesitant to change from my multiple-pin setup to a single, movable pin. It just seems that in a real hunting situation, there is just not enough time to worry about moving the pin to get the shot I need. I have been comfortable shooting the gap between all my pins because, let’s face it, bowhunters who use multiple pins are always shooting the gap between pins. The animals are never at the exact yardage we set our pins up for.

TruGlo Archers Choice Range Rover Pro

At this year’s ATA show, I saw the new Archer’s Choice TruGlo Range Rover Pro™ by TruGlo®. This new single pin was different because there was no pin! TruGlo® has designed a single aperture sight with no pin at all. Rather it features an LED dot that is at the center of the reticles. The reticles include your typical “+” with a circle in the center with an illuminated dot in the center. This dot is green, and the brightness is adjustable. What is even more unique about the Range Rover Pro is the second dot – a red LED that is preset for longer range. For most bow set-up situations, when the center green dot is zeroed and set at 20 yards, the lower red LED is set at 50 yards (True distance needs to be verified for your specific set up). When I am shooting my Beman® ICS Pro Hunter™ arrows with a 340 spine and a 125-grain tip, the red LED for me is 52 yards when I have the dial turned to 20 yards.

Yesterday, I unpackaged my Archer’s Choice® Range Rover Pro™ and began the arduous task of setting up a new bow sight. Following the included directions to the letter, I had the entire sight dialed in and as precise as I am capable of within fifteen minutes! I was simply amazed at how easy it was to get this sight pinpoint accurate.


In Use

The directions are easy to follow. Sight-in at 20 yards by adjusting the aperture with the Allen screws, then back up to 40 yards and move the dial until you are accurate at 40. Mark the included tape, and then plow through the plethora of sight tapes made available and put one in place. Now verify. I will say that selecting the correct tape was a bit difficult since they are so close. Trying to align them to the rest will take some time as well. But I got it done – all within a reasonable timeframe.

The Archer’s Choice® Range Rover Pro™ has a round dial for moving the pin, something I personally prefer over the sliders. The wheel seems to be faster and more accurate in the heat of the moment. The eleven brightness settings made it easy to adjust as the sun faded during my practice. Also, the tool-less micro-adjustable windage and precision-click design make getting your windage easy and fast to fine tune.


One feature I personally like is the ability for the 1.87” aperture housing to accept a magnifying scope lens (sold separately). As my eyes age, the extra magnification is a welcome assistance.

Final Thoughts

The Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro™ by TruGlo® is my new “go-to” sight for all my future bowhunting. The removal of the pin to an illuminated dot was far more beneficial than I ever imagined. The sight picture is clear with no clutter from a mass of pins, and no more trying to remember which pin to use in the situation. A simple routine of ranging the area, presetting the sight to an expected yardage and minute adjustments as the animal walks in, and you are ready for whatever happens.