Spypoint Link Series Cellular Trail Cameras Review

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By Nancy Jo Adams

Using game cameras has long been an advantage in the pursuit of a hunter’s next trophy. Not only can game cameras be used for scouting, they are indispensable in game management. In theory, the essentials in the success of using game cameras is simple and having the experience to find prime locations is key; however, having the option of receiving the images in real-time without having to physically pressure the area is a game changer.

Game cameras require you to not only set up the camera over an ideal spot to capture images, but they also require the user to go out and change the SD cards often and periodically replace the batteries. Not only does this requires a lot of time if your hunting land is not close to home, it also causes the hunter to infiltrate the property pressuring the herd to find other areas to dwell. Then there are the situations where your hunting property may not even be in the same state that you live in.


The Evolution of Cellular Trail Cameras

With all of the electronics we employ in our everyday lives such as smartphones, smart watches, and compact lightweight laptops, we are programmed for instant gratification. To meet the expectations of hunters, game camera manufacturers introduced cellular game cameras to the hunting industry nearly a decade ago. Even though these units were large and some were difficult to operate, these cameras were a game changer for many hunters. Even so, the cellular plans for these cameras were quite pricey, and the coverage was rather sketchy.

As the technology has developed, manufacturers have worked toward solutions to make cellular cameras more affordable to use. Currently, cellular trail cameras are all the rage because they are easy to use and reliable with long battery life and reasonable data plans. Spypoint is one of these manufacturers that are quickly rising in ranks as a company that manufactures premium game cameras and accessories. Spypoint currently has three different camera models in their LINK cellular camera lineup: the Link-EVO, the Link-S, and the Link Dark.

Common Features of the Link Series Cellular Trail Cameras

Each Link series cellular trail camera in the line-up has distinct features, but they also have some premium features in common as well. All three models offer 10 to 90 second HD video recording in 720p and 12 megapixel still images. They all offer a photo first option – a photo is taken first then the video is recorded. The 42 LED lights offer better image quality, especially in low-light or night images: color during the day and infrared at night. Each camera features infrared boost technology, time-lapse, and multi-shot mode with an extended detection and flash range. A pre-activated SIM card is included and users have four different plans to choose from to suit their application and wallet. Spypoint cellular service also offers substantial coverage areas nationwide.


The Link Series cameras allow the hunter real-time images and camera information through an app on any smartphone or from an online portal. Every photo is stamped across the bottom with the date, time, temperature (C/F) and moon phase. A unique technology is now available to all Spypoint Link camera owners that allows the hunter to only see the photos they want to see…deer with antlers! Buck Tracker is an antler and species recognition technology that filters the acquired photos for only the photos that are important to you in your electronic scouting; and this service is FREE.


Link EVO – Easiest to Use Cellular Game Camera on the Market

The Spypoint Link-EVO is the easiest to use camera. It only requires you to turn the unit on, wait for the activation light, and walk away; it is that simple! There are no feature buttons to manipulate on the camera. The highly visible strength indicator bars on the interior of the camera give you an at-a-glance 4G cellular strength reading in the field without guessing. The camera is fully configurable through the app. The fast 4G (HSPA+) image transmission can send you an image to the free app before you leave the area. The 80’ detection range with a 0.3-second trigger speed ensures that the traffic in front of the camera will be captured. The 90’ flash range of the 42 low-glow, high-power LEDs offer quality low-light images and the infrared boost technology results in superior quality night images.


Not only is the Link-EVO the easiest to use cellular trail camera on the market, it is also among the most affordable cellular cameras available based on the price of the unit and the plans available. This product requires an SD card (up to 32GB), eight AA batteries, and can be powered through the power jack by a rechargeable 12V battery kit.


Link-S – Unlimited Power with Innovative Solar Panel

Spypoint combined its superior cellular technology with an innovative solar panel and introduced it as the Spypoint Link-S. The Link-S is my favorite trail camera in the Link Series and will surely be a favorite among hunters seeking a perfect high-tech scouting advantage. The Link-S has allowed me to scout property in NE Kansas from Alabama. I placed the camera in NE Kansas during my turkey hunt there in May and currently, the camera has 100% battery power and is capturing approximately 200-500 photos a week. When I return to NE Kansas in September, I will already have an idea of stand placement and a hit list of bucks in the area The Link-S LTE frequency offers dependability from the field.

The Link-S has a 100’ detection and flash range with a 0.07-second trigger speed. The infrared boost and blur reduction technology ensures quality low-light and night images. There is a 2” screen viewing screen that is helpful for framing your photo capture area. The single motion sensor in the Link-S detects five zones ensuring that any movement in the detection zones will be captured.

The Link-S offers affordability in a cellular camera with the economical use of having a built-in solar panel with an internal rechargeable battery. The unit has an optional battery compartment which holds eight alkaline AA batteries but is not required for use.


Link-Dark – Imperceptible LEDs

The newest cellular game camera in the Spypoint Link Series is the Link-Dark. The Link-Dark offers many of the features of the Link-S except it does not provide a built-in solar panel. What it does offer that the Link-S does not are invisible LEDs, GPS and Geotagging.

The Link-Dark has a 0.07-second trigger speed with up to a 100’ detection sensor and an 80’ flash range for superior coverage in capturing images and videos. The infrared level is automatically adjusted for crisp and clear night images. The camera requires eight alkaline AA batteries for operation or can be used with the Spypoint 12V battery, charger, and housing kit.


Dedicated External Power for Extended Use

A Spypoint 12V rechargeable battery, charger, and housing kit is available to use with any Spypoint camera equipped with a 12V power jack. The kit comes with a 12V 7.0Ah rechargeable battery, 12’ foot outdoor-rated power cable, an AC charger, and a water-resistant ABS plastic case with carrying strap. This affordable option can keep you out of the woods and from putting pressure on the deer in the area. With the cellular feature and the 12V external power, your camera can be left literally undisturbed for several months.


Reliable and Affordable High Tech Scouting

High Tech Scouting through the use of cellular cameras is a good option for any hunter’s success, especially for the DIY hunting nomad that hunts property in states other than their home state. I am currently scouting private property with several Spypoint cellular cameras in NE Kansas that I will be hunting in the fall. The images and information that I am able to collect will allow me to know in advance exactly where I want to place stands. This will save me valuable hunting time for the limited days that I will be there during the rut.

The easy to use Spypoint App allows for quick activation of the trail camera, as well as manipulation of the camera’s settings right in the app. The app offers an at-a-glance view of the status of each cameras signal, battery, and SD card levels. Spypoint Link Series trail cameras offer every hunter the option of reliable national coverage with three affordable plans and a free plan when no plan is selected on their product. Any of the three models in the Spypoint Link Series would be an advantage in your pursuit of that trophy buck this fall. You’ll know where he roams in real time right in the palm of your hand.

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