camlockbox security box review
camlockbox security box for trail cameras

CAMLOCKbox Security Box Review

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Before buying anything, we take lots of details into consideration. Whether a new self-phone or a new car, we usually think over its configuration, features it should have to meet our needs and its useful life. In this article we are going to talk about how with the help of a CAMLOCKbox Security box we can prolong the life of a trail camera.  

Most frequently during, or sometimes even before and after a hunting season, many avid hunters think about buying a trail camera. Also known as game cameras, trail cameras are one of the best tools and accessories that help hunters to gather lots of useful information about various animals. Also, their potential is not limited to wildlife monitoring, such game cameras can also be used as farm monitoring devices or even for property security purposes.

Once you have decided on the model of a camera and have found a perfect piece that fully meets your needs, it’s time to think about camera’s security.

Why trail camera security is important?

Trail cameras spend most of their time in the woods, keeping that fact in mind, you’d better not skip the “security” step. Many game cameras have an outer covering of the camouflage color. This feature is intended to make the camera “invisible” as much as possible. But unfortunately it does not guarantee you that the observation won’t be interrupted by someone or something. Cameras are exposed to different forms of animals’ violence. Not only animals may be interested in your little fancy surveillance box. Above all,you don’t know who will be setting foot on your property and when.

So, a game camera lock box becomes a necessity, because:

  • it keeps your trail camera safe and stops animals from chewing and destroying it;
  • its steel construction makes it extremely durable, protects your camera from nature influence, and discourages thieves from stealing it;

In the worst scenario, you might get your gear destroyed or lost.

About CAMLOCKbox Security Box Construction:

All CAMLOCKbox Security boxes have large bolt clearance holes on them so you can choose the type of installation you personally prefer. Whether your deer camera lock box will be lag bolted, belted, or bungeed to the tree, your trail camera will be securely protected. Also all CAMLOCKbox Security boxes allow using padlocks compatible with python cable.

So, no matter what option you choose – your trail camera security box will be securely attached to the tree or other surface and your trail camera will be completely safe inside of it.

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How to choose the right CAMLOCKbox Security box for your camera?

We have prepared a table outlining the correspondence between CAMLOCKbox Security boxes and camera models. All you need to do is to find your trail camera model below.

CAMLOCKbox Security Box (SKU) Camera Model
Bushnell Trophy – Standard Duty Box (CAML-10100) B-16, B-14 119916C, B-12 119816C, Natureview Essential 119739C, Trophy Cam Vital 119726C, Trophy Cam 119717CW, Trophy Cam 119716CW, Trophy Cam 119628C, Essential 119736C, Essential 119636C, Natureview 119438, Trophy Cam 119537C, Trophy Cam 119547C, Trophy Cam 119426C, Trophy Cam 119437C, Trophy Cam 119447C, Trophy Cam 119436C, Trophy Cam 119436CN, Trophy Cam 119446C, Trophy Cam 119456C, Trophy Cam XLT (2010 & 2011), Trophy Cam 119435C, Trophy Cam 119445C, Trophy Cam 119455C, Trophy Cam 119405C, Trophy Cam 119415C, Trophy Cam 119425C.
Bushnell Aggressor – Standard Duty Box (CAML-10102)   Vital V3,Vital V2 119826C, Trophy Cam HD 119877c, Aggressor 119877CN, Trophy Cam HD 119876c, Aggressor 119876CN, Trophy Cam HD 119875c, Aggressor 119875CN, Trophy Cam HD 119874c, Aggressor 119874CN, Essential E3 119837c, Essential E3 119837CN, Aggressor 24 MP No Glow, Aggressor 20 MP No Glow, Aggressor 20 MP 119973c, Aggressor 24 MP Low Glow, Aggressor 119873C, Essential E2 119836C, Aggressor 119773c, Aggressor 119774c, Aggressor 119775c, Aggressor 119776c, Aggressor 119777c.
Moultrie A Series (2017 & 2018)  Box (CAML-11108) A-40i Pro, A-40, AC-40, A-25i, A-25, D-35, A-35, A-35T, A-30i, A-30, AC-30, AC-30i, W-30i.  
Moultrie M Series (2017 & 2018) Box (CAML-11109) M-50i, M-50, M-40i, D-40i, M-40.  
Moultrie M-999i,M-888i,M-888,& Gen 2 M Series Box (CAML-11801)   M-999i (MCG-12694), M-888i (MCG-13068), M-888 (MCG-13067), TRACE Premise Pro (MCS-13070), M-990i Gen2 (MCG-12694), M-880i Gen2 (MCG-12693), M-880 Gen2 (MCG-12691), GM-80xt Gen 2, GM-800i, D-505i, M-550 Gen2 (MCG-12717).  
Primos Proof Box (CAML-13400) Proof Gen 2 01 (64054), Proof Cam 01 (63054), Proof Gen 2 02 (64055), Proof Cam 02 (63055), Proof Gen 2 03 (64056), Proof Cam 03 (63056).  
Stealth Cam G Series Box (CAML-17700) G26, G30, G42NG, G42C (STC-G42C), GF2C.  
Stealth Cam P Series Box (CAML-17800) P12, P12X, P14, P18, P22.  
Covert Code Black 12.0 / Stryker / Stalker Box (CAML-18900) Covert Code Black 12.1 (5311-17). Covert Code Black 12.0 (5144 & 5151), Covert Code Black Canada (5083), Covert Blackhawk 12.1 (5328), Covert Blackhawk 12.0 (5120), Covert Stalker (5175), Covert Stryker (5182 & 5199), Covert Illuminator (2915-17), Covert Illuminator (2915 – 2016 Style), UOVision UV595 Extreme, UOVision UM595-2G, UOVision UM595-3G.  
Wildgame Innovations Illusion Box (CAML-19120) Illusion 6 (i6i20), Illusion 8 Lightsout (i8b20), Illusion 8 (i8i20G2), Illusion 10 (i10i20w1), Crush 10 Illusion (i10i20), Crush 10 Illusion Lightsout (i10B20), Illusion 10 Lightsout (i10b38d2), Illusion 10 Lightsout (i10b11B2), Illusion 3D 12 MP (I12i20D2), Illusion 12 (i12i17C), Crush Illusion IR8.  
Wildgame Innovations Vision Box (CAML-19140)   Vision 8 (v8i7), Vision 8 (v8i20), Vision 8 Lightsout (v8b7), Vision 8 Lightsout (b8b20), Vision 10, Vision 10 (V10i20B2)Vision 10 (V10i7W2), Vision 10 Lightsout (V10B20B2), Vision 12 IR, Vision 12 (V12I7-7), Vision 12 Lightsout (V12B14c), Vision 12 Lightsout (V12B7-7), Vision Extreme (VX12i38D2), Vision 14 (V14i7A1-7), Vision 14 (V14i7B2), Vision 14 Lightsout (V14B7T2-7), Vision 14 Lightsout (V14B7C18-7), Vision 14 Extreme (VX14B38D2-7), Vision 16 Lightsout (V16B1W2-7).  
Wildgame Innovations Terra Box (CAML-19150)   Terra 5 (TR5i1), Terra 6 (TR6i33D), Terra 6, Terra 6 (TR6i34W), Terra 6 Lightsout (TR6B2B), Terra 8 (TR8i1-7), Terra 8 Lightsout (TR8B1-7), Terra 10 (TR10i33d-7), Terra 10 (TR10i35A-7), Terra 10 (TR10i35A25-7), Terra 10 (TR10i1-7), Terra 10 Extreme (TX10I33T4-8), Terra 10 Lightsout (TR10B1-7), Terra Extreme 10 (TX10i1-8), Terra Extreme 10 Lightsout (TX10B1-8), Terra Extreme 12 (TX12i35A-8), Terra Extreme 12 (TX12i35A25-8), Terra Extreme 12 Lightsout (TX12B35A-8).  
Wildgame Innovations Mirage Box (CAML-19180)     Mirage 14 Lightsout (M14B1), Mirage 14 (M14i1), Mirage 14 (M14i1D2-7), Mirage 16 (M16i20), Mirage 16 Lightsout (M16B19-8), Mirage 16 Lightsout (M16B40C-7), Mirage 16 Lightsout (M16B20), Mirage 16 Lightsout (M16B20A2), Mirage 18 (M18I8A26-8), Mirage 18 (M18i18A26-8), Mirage 18 Lightsout (M18B8T18-8), Mirage 18 Lightsout (M18B20B2), Mirage 18 Lightsout (M18B38D21-7).  
Wildgame Innovations BladeX Box (CAML-19800)   Blade X5 5 mp (t5i1), Lee & Tiffany Micro Crush X5 (t5i3w), Blade 6G 6.0mp, Blade X6 (t6b1), Blade X6 (t6i24d), Blade X6 (t6i20T2), Blade 6 Lightsout (t6b5b), Blade X6 Lightsout (t6b22d1), Blade X6 Lightsout (t6b20), Blade X6 (w6i20a), Micro Crush X7 (t7b20de2), Blade 7X, Buck Commander 8G, Duck Commander 8 Lightsout, Blade X8 (t8i23d2), Blade X8 (t8b20a1), Blade X8 (t8i20de), Blade X8 (t8i14c), Blade X8 Lightsout (t8b20sg), Blade X8 Lightsout (t8b5G7), Blade X8 Lightsout (t8b2x2), Blade X8 Lightsout (t8b20d1), Blade X10 (t10i35t4).  
Browning Sub Micro Series Box (CAML-200)   Strike Force Gen 5 (BTC-5FHD5), Strike Force HD 850 Extreme (BTC-5HDX), Strike Force 18 MP (BTC-5HDE-18), Strike Force Elite (BTC-5HDE), Strike Force HD (BTC-5HD), Strike Force XV (BTC-5HD-XV), Strike Force, Dark Ops HD 940 Extreme (BTC-6HDX), Dark Ops Elite (BTC-6HDE), Dark Ops HD (BTC-6HD), Dark Ops, Black Label Security (BTC-6HDS).
Covert MP8,MP6 & MP-E5 Box (CAML-60300)   MP16 Mossy Oak (5649), MP16 Realtree (5632), MP8 Black Mossy Oak (2953), MP8 Black Real Tree (2939), MP8 Black Lost Camo (2946), MP8 Mossy Oak (2977), MP8 Lost Camo (2960), MPE6 (2984), MP8, MP8 Black, MP-E5, MP6, MP6 Black.
Browning XD Series Box (CAML-700) Strike Force Pro XD (BTC-5PXD), Dark Ops HD Pro X (BTC-6HDPX), Strike Force HD Pro X (BTC-5HDPX), Dark Ops Pro XD (BTC-6PXD).
Stealth Cam QS / Trail Hawk Box (CAML-17170)   QS12, QS14 FX Shield, XS14, QS24 (STC-QS24K), QS24NG (STC-QS24NGDK), QS24NG (STC-QS24NGK), FX12 10 MP, FX12 (STC-FX12), Reaper 12 (STC-QS12KW), Trail Hawk, Trail Hawk TS14 (STC-TH14CMOK), Trail Hawk (STC-TH16NG), Trail Hawk NG (STC-TH36NG), Trail Hawk 24 NG (STC-TH24NG).
Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro Box (CAML-19190)   Cloak Pro 10 (KP10i8-7), Cloak Pro 10 Lightsout (KP10B8-7), Cloak Pro 12 (KP12i8B-7), Cloak Pro 12 (KP12i8A19-7), Cloak Pro 12 (KP12I8T16-7), Cloak Pro 12 (KP12i11M-7), Cloak Pro 12 Lightsout (KP12B32B-7), Cloak Pro 12 Lightsout (KP12B8A1-7), Cloak Pro 14 (KP14I47A-8), Cloak Pro 14 Lightsout (KP14B8A26-8).
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  • Stealth camera lock box from CAMLOCKbox makes sure that your trail camera stays dry and hidden;
  • Aside from securing the camera against wild animals attacks, well-constructed steel box is theft deterrent;
  • CAMOLOCKbox is easy to install, and once it’s set up it cannot be easily removed;
  • Perfectly blends in with the terrain;
  • And of course, saves your money (as you won’t need to buy new cameras instead of stolen or destroyed ones).

HERE you can see the CAMLOCKbox Security box models that we have at

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