Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

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Ask five different people why they hunt, and you will get five different answers. It is hard to explain to non-hunters why do people hunt.

It is complex, yet it is very natural to us since we as a species evolved thanks to hunting skills.

Why Do People Hunt?

As a hunter, you will be confronted many times to explain why you enjoy killing animals. Those situations can get a bit messy and tricky since people can’t understand, and they won’t stop “attacking” you.

But for all those who want to understand maybe what makes us love hunting, I recommend reading this post.

1. Close Connection With The Wilderness:

Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

Hunting brings you close to the wild in multiple ways. Sitting in a stand for hours while you hunt for your prey usually leads us to interesting encounters with far more animals than you can imagine.

Hunting provides us with experiences that others may never get to live.

Imagine the adrenaline when you walk to the stand in the pitch black. Imagine how many beautiful sunrises and sunsets we witnessed while we patiently waited up in a tree stand.

You might not understand that we develop a close connection with an animal we ultimately want to harvest.

That is a very special thing and one of the hardest things to explain.

2. Fresh Meat:

Let’s be honest; most hunters consume the meat from the animals that they harvest.

I thought of bringing this up first, but I figured out that the hunting cause of meat is not the main reason I do it.

I can’t lie; I get excited about preparing and eating the meat from my prey.

Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

It is really important to me that my family, friends, and I consume the meat that we know from exactly where it comes from, considering meat nowadays is mostly GMO and nutritionally changed and unfortunately very poor.

4. It’s Good For The Species:

Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

I already mentioned the adrenaline rush is high when you are out in the dark woods hunting.

I get that most of you can’t understand the amount of the adrenaline rush that overwhelms you when you encounter an animal that you are trying to harvest.

Imagine the feeling when you are out in the woods, and you hear branch snaps, and anxiously waiting to see what will come out.

Usually, when I am out deer hunting, I don’t care if I encountered the giant buck or a doe as long as I feel that adrenaline rush that makes this game so addictive.

I get that this sounds cruel and harsh, but that feeling when your heart races fast, hands shaking, and shortness of breath when you are about to shoot your prey is unexplainable.

This is the feeling that most hunters crave to feel and one of the main reasons why we all go so crazy about it.

Adrenaline Rush:

As agriculture thrives with each day, a natural habitat for many animals is lost, which erodes the animal population’s natural range.

This means the population must be managed, or else they will die of starvation or diseases.

It might sound cruel, but it is way better for them to be hunted by us than to die from starvation slowly.

Remember we take a lot of their land each day to expend our living area. This directly affects the quality of their life and food supplies.

5. The Challenge:

It always surprises me how my friends and family get shocked when I come home from hunting empty-handed.

It is funny how people always expect you to shoot something every time you go out for the kill. But that is not possible.

Hunting is a challenge for us, and when we overcome our goals, we set new ones.

For example, the first time you succeed in killing a young buck, you will increase the challenge and start hunting for a mature buck.

You can as well increase the challenge by changing the weapon for hunting from rifle to bow and choose from a variety of hunting apparel for better concealment.

That is one of the things that drive us. Hunters like to set new goals, so they have something to strive for and challenge them all the time.

6. Sense of Achievement:

This almost does not require any explanation. We all are very well aware of that amazing feeling when we went out to complete some task, and we finished it.

It takes great skill and a lot of patience to hunt animals considering they are very smart.

When you finally succeed in doing that, you can only see that as a great achievement. Coming home with meat or protecting your crops also provide the same feeling.

7. Camaraderie:

Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

Hunting always brings like-minded people together, no matter if they are introverts or extroverts.

Simply put two strangers that both love to deer hunt and watch the magic. They can go on and on about whitetails or hours, believe me.

For example, when I look at who I associate with, almost 80% of them love and practice hunting as I do.

So one of the main answers from hunters you can expect to get is that they hunt because of the camaraderie and the time they spent with friends.

8. Great Memories:

Thanks to hunting, my life is full of great friends and long-lasting memories that we’ve created together. Those kinds of memories will stick with me throughout my life.

I will never forget that moment when I first walked to a tree stand in the dark on my own

Or sitting all day waiting for my prey and then re-grouping with other hunters at night to talk about our day.

We hunt through the year no matter if it is +40 or -40 degrees we love to share our experience and learn from each other.

Hunters hunt for the adventures for those crazy situations that we end up in, and all those amazing things help us fill blank pages in our memory.

9. A Place To Escape The Reality:

Why Do People Hunt (9 Surprising Reasons)

Hunting is much more than a simple shoot to kill. Hunting is a stress relief for many hunters since it allows you to isolate yourself from reality and stress.

It helps us clear the foggy mind and relax. When we escape from the “life” and problems, we deal with them the best way possible – in peace and quiet.

Everyone has something that helps them relieve the stress, so why would we hunters be any different.

For us hunters, a day spent in the woods is precious, and we love to live in that moment. That is where we feel like home.

Long Story Short

The reasons why people hunt remain many or better say unknown since different urges drive everyone.

The only reasonable thing I can say now is that it is clear that more and more people are returning to the same reason humans started to hunt in the first place, and that is for sustenance.

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