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Hunting Gadgets: How Electronics Can Help Hunters

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There’s nothing quite like being one with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. But, as much as we love to escape into the wild for a break from our tech-filled lives, it turns out that some of this technology can actually enhance our hunting experiences. And we aren’t talking about robots stalking deer or drones chasing unsuspecting fowl. We’re talking about hunting gadgets that gather data, provide insight, and help us understand our environment better. They’re not replacing the thrill of the hunt, but rather adding an extra layer of information that can make your hunting expeditions safer, more successful and, dare we say, more fun.

So, without further ado, let’s venture into the wild world of hunting gadgets, where we’ll explore four categories: weather meters, trail cameras, thermal vision and action cameras. Hold onto your camo hats, folks, it’s going to be a high-tech ride!

Table of Contents

  Weather Meters
  Trail Cameras
  Thermal Vision
  Action Cameras

Weather Meters

Weather Meters: Your Pocket Meteorologists

As a hunter, you’re always at the mercy of nature. It’s part of the thrill, the unpredictability that makes each hunting trip unique. But what if you could get a sneak peek into what the great outdoors has up its sleeve? The truth is, you can. 

Weather meters are compact devices that work pretty much as your own weather station. They provide valuable data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure. But why does this matter to a hunter, you ask?

Well, imagine being able to predict the direction your scent drifts based on the wind direction, or understanding how temperature affects the activity levels of your prey. If you are one of those pundits, you can use the wind data to adjust your shots.

Now, let’s talk about one specific device instead of describing some nebulous idea of a weather meter.

Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter

The Kestrel 5700 is like a Swiss Army knife of weather meters. It doesn’t just measure wind, temperature and humidity; it also calculates long-range shooting solutions. This device employs a G1/G7 ballistic solver, which corrects for factors like aerodynamic jump, spin drift and the Coriolis effect. In layman’s terms, it tells you how to adjust your shot based on environmental conditions. No more guessing, from now on you have a reliable sidekick who’ll do the calculation work for you.

But wait, there’s more! The Kestrel 5700 also connects to mobile apps via Bluetooth. This means you can view shooting solutions remotely, build and manage gun/bullet profiles, and even download them to the device. And the best part? You can do all this without having to leave your hunting spot.

In terms of design, the Kestrel 5700 is rugged, compact, waterproof, and drop-tested to military standards. It’s a device that’s built to withstand the great outdoors and deliver an exemplary performance while doing so. Kestrel didn’t skimp on ergonomic in favor of functionality, so this device is a true asset.

Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras: Tech Clairvoyance

Have you ever wished for the power to be in two places at once? Well, while we haven’t cracked teleportation yet, trail cameras get us pretty close. These hunting gadgets do the hard work of scouting while you’re away, acting as your eyes and ears in the wilderness. Trail cameras are equipped with motion sensors that trigger the camera to snap a photo or record a video when an animal (or anything else) crosses their path. 

Now you might be thinking, “That’s great for a nature documentary, but how does this help me as a hunter?” Trail cameras can provide invaluable information about the game you’re hunting. They can reveal what species are present in the area, the size of the animals, and even their patterns of movement. Do they frequent a particular water body? Do they travel along the same paths? Are they active during the day or at night? The answers to all these questions can help you plan your hunt more effectively and trail cameras can get you those answers.

For example, if your trail camera captures images of deer visiting a certain spot every dawn and dusk, you now know the perfect place and time to set up your stand. If you notice a particularly large buck consistently showing up in your footage, you can target him specifically.

Browning Trail Cameras Defender Wireless Vision Cellular Trail Camera

When it comes to trail cameras, the Browning Defender Wireless Vision Cellular Trail Camera is a cut above the rest. This compact device is packed with features designed to provide you with valuable insights and improve your hunting experience.

One of the standout features of this camera is its wireless connectivity. With the ability to transmit images and videos directly to your phone or email, you’re always in the loop about what’s happening in your hunting area, even when you’re miles away. No need to physically retrieve the SD card from the camera, saving you time and minimizing disturbance in the area.

The Browning Defender provides 20MP images and HD videos with sound, ensuring you get high-quality visuals of your game. Its Invisible Infrared Night illumination feature allows you to capture clear images even in complete darkness, without spooking the animals.

Perhaps one of the most appreciated features among hunters is the compact size of the Browning Defender. Its small footprint makes it easy to install and less noticeable to game, increasing your chances of capturing those elusive shots.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Vision: Seeing the Unseen

Let’s say you want to hunt a nocturnal animal. You can either look for it during the day in its sleeping spot or wait for it to come out for its night stroll. The first scenario is very likely to end fruitlessly, while the other would require some non-human vision capabilities. That’s where night vision hunting gadgets enter the stage.

Thermal vision devices, also known as thermal imagers, detect heat emitted by objects or living beings. They translate this heat into a visual image, allowing you to identify and track animals based on their body heat.

With the help of vision imagers, you can finally overcome your dependence on light conditions. Dawn, dusk, or the dead of night – these are the times when many game animals are most active, but our human eyes struggle to see clearly. But with a thermal imager, darkness becomes irrelevant. In twilight or pitch-black darkness, a thermal vision device can reveal what your eyes can’t see. 

Moreover, thermal vision devices can give you a significant advantage in terms of safety. They allow you to spot other hunters, livestock, or potentially dangerous wildlife that might be in your vicinity, preventing unfortunate accidents. AGM Global Vision is known specifically for its night vision and thermal imaging devices, so it won’t be an overstatement to say the brand is deserves your trust.

AGM Taipan TM10-256 Thermal Imaging Monocular

The AGM Taipan TM10-256 Thermal Imaging Monocular is a high-performance tool that brings sophisticated thermal imaging technology to the hunting field. Its blend of advanced features and user-friendly design makes it an essential tool for any seasoned or novice hunter.

Equipped with a 256×192 infrared detector, the Taipan TM10-256 stands out for its ability to capture detailed thermal images. The device’s 720×540 LCOS display further enhances the image quality, delivering crisp and clear visuals. Whether you’re scanning a wide area or focusing on a specific target, the Taipan TM10-256 provides a clear view of your surroundings.

The Taipan TM10-256 also boasts impressive detection capabilities. It can detect 6-foot objects from a distance of up to 410 meters/yards, allowing hunters to spot their prey from a safe distance and plan their approach accordingly.

Electronic Hunting Gadgets

Action Cameras: Capturing Every Moment

Ever watched those exhilarating hunting videos and thought, “I wish I could capture my hunts like that”? Well, with action cameras, you can! These compact, rugged devices are designed to record high-quality videos in extreme conditions, like having both hands occupied with a gun. Why would a hunter need an action camera? Let’s dive into that.

For the most part, action cameras have one primary function: to document your hunting adventures in vivid detail. From the moment you spot your target to the adrenaline-pumping chase, every thrilling moment can be captured for posterity (or yourself, just to experience it once again). Whether you want to share your exploits with friends, analyze your performance, or simply relive the experience, an action camera can make it happen. Nore that some states outlawed the use of both action and trail cameras during hunting seasons, so make sure to check your local regulations before buying these.


As you can see, there are plenty of electronic devices that can assist hunters in their pursuits. Instead of completely neglecting electronics for the sake of authenticity, you can actually make use of them to solve problems other means struggle to. You can have all weather data gathered and analyzed for you by a weather meter. You can make out a pattern in an animal’s behavior by looking at photos and videos instead of looking for tracks and other hard-to-discern traces. You can see through the darkness instead of blindly staggering in it. The only thing you need is a hunting gadget that will allow you to do so.


Which hunting gadgets are essential for night-time conditions?

If you are planning to hunt at night, you’ll benefit greatly from a thermal imaging device, a rifle scope with an illuminated reticle or night vision scope and some form of lighting, either a flashlight or a headlamp.

Which hunting gadgets are essential for tracking and locating game?

There are a few electronic devices that may come in handy while trying to locate or track your game. Trail cameras help you monitor animal activity patterns in specific areas over time. A GPS is invaluable for tracking your movements and marking locations of interest, like sightings or tracks. There are also apps and software that provide mapping tools, weather data, land ownership information and other data you can account for while planning.

What are some popular brands of hunting electronics?

Many brands produce goods that qualify as hunting electronics and gadgets. Browning Trail Cameras are known for, unsurprisingly, trail cameras and so is SpyPoint; Camlokbox manufactures trail camera accessories; Flir, Limke and AGM deal in thermal imaging devices.

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